Cranes offered limited movement as they were fixed to one position. Usually these cranes function a boom at the end of which a hook is suspended using a wire rope and sheaves. They can be transported to a site with ease and does not need any setting up or assembly. A mobile crane can be converted to a demolition crane or an earthmover by doing some modifications.

When you want to rent a mobile crane, there are certain factors to be considered:

  • Location: The cost of the rental depends on the distance that the crane needs to travel. If the location is within the distance, which the company normally caters to, the cost will be far lesser than if it falls outside this distance. If you want to decrease the cost, you should search for a rental company that is in your vicinity.
  • Terrain: The cost of the mobile crane increases based on the terrain. If the terrain is hard to traverse, the cost increases.
  • When a crane has the latest features, they are more expensive to rent. When you rent old machines that are considered obsolete due to new technologies, they are much cheaper.
  • The rent of the mobile crane also depends on the taxes you need to pay for it. When the taxes decrease, part of the saving is passed on to the renter.
  • The rental cost depends on the age of the machinery. When the machinery is older, it has reduced efficiency and so the rental cost decreases. Thus depreciation does play a part in the rental cost.
  • The stability of the company also plays a role in the rental costs. Based on the reduction in profits, the company may decide to decrease the rental costs and thereby increase the turnover. Yet others may base on the reduced profits decide to increase costs so that they can receive the same income.
  • Some companies increase their price based on their name and their ego. Thus, the rental mobile crane prices depend on this factor too.


Things to know before utilizing the crane

Before utilizing the crane, you need to establish what you are going to use the crane for. Is it to be a renovation project for the home or is it to construct a building or a hotel or what is the exact purpose.

You then need to discuss the conditions of the workplace with the operator like where you are setting up the crane. You also need to assess if there is any danger or risk with regards the crane and where it will be set up. For example, is it sloping, muddy or uneven and rough terrain. You also need to check out the wind conditions, the accessibility by road, the ramps or other obstacles. The work conditions also need to be well assessed so the risk and the threat is minimized.

The weight, which has to be lifted as well as the dimensions of the load needs to be assessed. This is vital and this will have a bearing on the mechanical power source, the crane’s structure, the hydraulic as well as electrical systems, the load carrying capacity as well as the moving parts.

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What is also important is the number of lifts that will be required and how frequent they will be as well as the possibility if these loads will need to be suspended for long periods of time.

The type of lifting is essential to be discussed and the height till which it needs to be lifted.

You should also find out the backup incase the crane does not work due to lack of maintenance, as your job will come to a standstill as a result of their faulty maintenance schedule. You should also discuss how hazards and risks can be mitigated and that will help prevent liabilities to you. Let’s have a look here and get more useful details on mobile crane hire.