Anavar is the most popular oral anabolic steroid. It is usually used to tighten the muscles and losing weight and is mainly used by the body builders and athletes. The Anavar’s chemical name is Oxandrolone, which we say its trade name. Usually all anabolic steroid has their own side effects and hence, it is important to use them in a proper way and taking proper dosage. Most of the steroids are suppressive to natural testosterone production. However, Anavar is mild in nature and it does not really effect in producing testosterone naturally. Check out the Anavar’s effects on testosterone.

Recommended Dose for Anavar

It is necessary to take proper dose of this drug; however, to get fast result people often neglect the suggested dosage and take the product in large amount. Consuming large amount of Anavar can really affect people in different ways. Usually the proper amount of Anavar which is suggested to most of the men is 50mg per day. If one consumes more than 50mg Anavar, he can face several side effects. Similarly, 10mg of Anavar is enough for women and it can be increased to maximum 20mg.

It is seen that people use Anavar for long duration; however, research says, 6-8 weeks of consumption is enough for a person.

Effects of Anavar

It helps in enhancing performance and maintaining the energy of our body. It even works as a remedy for weak people. It is a well known fact that the Anavar’s effects on testosterone as well.

  • Growth of muscle: It does not allow retaining water from the body, which helps in balancing the body weight. It also helps a person to hold the lean tissues and build them to a solid one.
  • Cutting of weight: It is highly popular for its fat cutting elements. Though dieting helps in reducing fat, but the tissues become lean due to dieting. It helps in maintaining the strength of the tissues so that the muscle cannot loosen up. It also helps in enhancing our metabolism rate.
  •  Enhancing the performance: It is a supplement which enhances and endures the muscles. It also helps in boosting our energy and does not allow us to tire out fast.

Side Effects of Anavar

Though research says, proper consumption of Anavar never affected testosterone; however, over consumption of Anavar does affect in reducing testosterone. High dose of Anavar can reduce the serum level by 50%. As Anavar is a mild steroid, people have a tendency of including exogenous testosterone in their supplements, which usually result in reducing testosterone. Once, consumption of Anavar is stopped, the count of testosterone increases day by day. To improve the count of testosterone, it is advised to take post cycle therapy.