Plagiarism is a serious offence to writers who go through the trouble of trying to write original content. It takes time to research the details and to have it just copied by someone else is terrible. With that being said, a lot of people do not intentionally go out and try to copy other people’s work. Sometimes it happens by mistake and it is important to know what the consequences of such mistakes are. This is especially an issue with students who do research, but at times copy text directly from the source.

Disciplinary action

If a student is caught plagiarising content it can end up in disciplinary action being taken against the student. This can sometimes come as a surprise if the deed was done unintentionally. An online paraphraser can help many students who want to keep the facts the same, but need to reword the text.


Not only will you fail your assignment if you are caught plagiarising, but you will receive a zero. This is difficult for someone to accept when it was an innocent mistake. You want to find a good plagiarism rewriter to check your work before you submit. An innocent mistake can have detrimental consequences, which can be easily avoided.

There are ways you can avoid being caught plagiarising and it important to know how to go about doing so. Here are some guidelines you can follow to help you avoid this error.

Keep your work private

It is important to not allow anyone else the opportunity to copy your work. You may not be able to prove that you were the original writer. A lot of students do work in study groups, but you want your final paper to be for your eyes only before submitting. It may feel as if you are being a little selfish, but rather that than failing after a lot of hard work.

Credit the source

Another way to avoid plagiarism is to simply credit the source. If you want to use a direct quote, make sure you add where you got it from. This will not be stated as plagiarism, even if you copied it directly. It is a simple step and it is often times missed or unintentionally forgotten.

Be original

One of the sure ways to not be caught in plagiarism is of course to write your own content. Even if I need to reword this sentence because it came up as plagiarism, I can fix it without any guilt. If the words are from your own research and your own mind, you often times won’t find it coming up as copied work.


There is no joy in dealing with the consequences of plagiarism and it is not worth taking a risk. If you write often or are a student, it is beneficial to find a good plagiarism checker. Always make sure your work is plagiarism free before you submit or post it anywhere.