The Kashmiri kahwa tea looks, smells, and tastes, good. With exotic spices as ingredients, it has managed to win taste buds across all age groups. Enumerated here are the many benefits of this aromatic and palate-pleasing tea.

As a hot beverage, the Kashmiri kahwa tea has managed to please taste buds since the earliest of times. Its core ingredient is green tea which makes up for fifty percent of the ingredients used. An aromatic blend of Central Asian spices makes up for rest of the composition. Although its signature flavor is derived from the use of the ever- fragrant saffron, almonds and other dry fruits are also added in the myriad varieties of this tea. It is traditionally prepared in a brass kettle known as a samovar. The samovar has a central cavity where live coals are placed and a space for water and the ingredients to boil.

With spices such as cardamom and cinnamon, this tea offers to rejuvenate both your body and mind. Reaping the benefits of this tea is more worthwhile once you know its benefits. Here’s why the Kashmiri kahwa tea needs to be infused in your life as soon as possible:

#1 Kicks away stress

We have progressed into an era of office culture compact with stress. Beverages such as tea and coffee are widely consumed in offices. They eventually lead to increase in caffeine and toxicity levels in the body causing a rise in anxiety and imbalance of chemicals in the body. Switching to catechin-enriched kahwa tea helps release free radicals and purifies the body of harmful stress-induced toxins. It boosts enthusiasm and energy levels by activating feel-good chemicals in the brain.

What Are Some Excellent Benefits Of Kashmiri Kahwa Tea?

#2 Makes skin healthier

The kahwa tea treats acne effectively and reduces skin dryness. It helps give warmth to the body and keeps skin moisturized. Crushed almonds and walnuts are also added to this tea which helps in giving your skin a natural glow.

#3 A delicious treat for the diet-conscious

Rich in catechins, the tea accelerates the process of fat breakdown. The tea doesn’t require the addition of sugar, as cinnamon and honey are ingredients that provide a healthier option for sweet-toothed dieters. Having a cup of kahwa tea after a workout boosts your energy levels back to normal while simultaneously helping you keep fit.

#4 Helps you get back your health

It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties in addition to helping you curb that sugar addition. It is an economical remedy for cold, flu and even headaches. It paces up your metabolism and prevents constipation especially in winters. A warm cup of kahwa tea will boost your immune system and help you tackle hurdles in the path leading to your good health.

The kahwa tea indeed possesses a great benefit and flavor profile. Today, making it has become extremely convenient as tea bags of this goodness are readily available. And, if you are looking for Kashmiri Kahwa, buy online and get it delivered to your doorstep. Getting a hold of these amazing bags of flavor is literally just a click away. This exotic tea is certainly a great palate-pleaser.

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