Sometimes even weather forecast cannot protect us from nature’s destruction. Due to warming of the temperatures snow has started melting and there are possible chances of flooding in some parts of the New York. The temperature is so high that snow has started melting at two meters. This is the snow that fell in record of the snow storm that arrived last week. About thirteen people died in this s now storm. More than six fifty members of the national guard of New York who were helping the country and buffalo areas   in snow removing? This was for the prevention of flood. There were hundreds of volunteers who came out and helped each other in digging out there homes from the snow. Recent rain made much difficult to dig out homes from the storm.

The Focus

The entire focus of the agencies and organization is on snow removal. There is a huge amount of snow in the cities and there is only one way to get rid of the snow; drains. This will drain the water and it will not back up. This was the statement of the director of the public affairs.

The Disaster

There was a huge disaster on the heads of the people of the New York. There were people, vehicles stuck in their cars for more than twenty four hours. People were helpless and it was freezing out there. It was a record snow fall in the areas of the New York cities. Environment is changing and   storms are the evidences how badly humanity is going to suffer. Get easy visa online with Esta.

Flood Warning

On Sunday there was a warning issued to the people by national welfare of the New York. The south of the Niagara Falls was having a temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 60 Fahrenheit on Monday. This temperature can raise the level of the lake. There is lost of hype going on related to the snow melt down. Snowmelt is going to continue and it will cause flooding situations. On Monday the greatest amount of snowfall was recorded. Storm also blocked the drains and rivers could flood the bank. This warning was issued and there were workers who were having 180,000 sandbags in case of the flood situation arises.

Flood is the major concern of all the departments and according to a weather forecast size the weather is going to remain like this. The agencies and organizations have started taking precautionary and preventive steps. They are ready with the workers and equipments they have to deal with the issue. New and effective plans are being designed to get rid of this situation.

The temperature is still warming up and this is the main cause for flood. There are many lives that are at dangerous zone. People have already suffered a lot. Due to last storm several roofs were collapsed, cars were buried and people died. The government organizations are ready with the plans and assuring people with the safety.