What to buy in Portugal? Where are the best places for shopping in Portugal? Where is the best place or region to catch sales? – This and many other questions are important for female tourists, who are planning their shopping tour over the Portuguese cities for the first time. It is time to speak about shopping in Porto – the second big city in Portugal. Of course, Lisbon has more opportunities for shopping. Nevertheless, Porto is rich trade city with the population of about 2 millions of people. This is the business-capital that differs from Lisbon by the amount of shops, but not in quality.

Porto is popular of its numerous creative designers of fashion clothes, shoes and accessories. There is no surprising in that fact that tourists want to buy or at least to see the best of the world-popular creatures. You have to spend a day or two for shopping. The most of tourists wish to find something special. The others want to find something useful and memorable.


Santa Catarina

It is better to start your shopping day from visiting Santa Catarina – walking street and the district of interesting shops, cozy cafes and boutiques. You can watch the best and creative ideas from the shop windows. Never forget about your tired legs. Try to make a pause and have some rest in Majestic Cafe – the best luxury place in Porto. You can also find a big shopping center ViaCatarina, offering big opportunities and standard assortment. It works every day from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m. It is placed not far from Bolhao station.


The leather bags are always attractive for women, especially, if they are interesting decorated. The price of it is 70 EUR. Besides, the second part of the shop is devoted to stylish shoes. The prices for shoes say the price of 100-200 EUR. What do you think about this lovely pair of sabot for 140 EUR?


The shop is famous of its wide choice and interesting models of shoes. The best-selling of them are: fur-lined high boots for 120 EUR and lovely shoes from Raider’s for 33 EUR. The quality is good. The price for rest of shoes is from 60 to 80 EUR. It is not a problem to find something interesting here.

Portugal-Porto-Café Majestic-P1180287


The next shopping point is Boavista. This is the place for you to open the most elegant shops in the city. They are located around the big shopping center Avis. You can find many top brands, made in Portugal and other countries, including souvenirs. By the way, the guests of the city come here to buy a bottle of Port Wine. You can buy this wine everywhere in the city. Nevertheless, you should not buy it in the supermarket, but traditional wine shops all over the city.


Do you like acid colors? Pay attention to Ekstra assortment. What about interesting combination of purple and green? This is not the brightest variant! You can find something more impressive. It looks like teenagers shop. Nevertheless, the clothes of standard colors are also near at hand. For example, the price for high boots is about 70 EUR. This is not the cheapest variant for you and your kids.


Are you looking for the cheap prices? If you want to catch sales, you should hire a car in Porto and drive to the city province to Norteshopping. This is a big shopping center that consists of many cheap shops. The city Matosinhos is located 7 kilometers far from Porto. The area of the shopping center is more than 70 square meters. This is a shopping paradise under the popular name – NorteShoppin. It consists of more than 300 shops all together. You can find a lot of world popular brands, 8 cinemas and 30 restaurants. It is better to come here for the whole day to shop, to eat and visit attractions.

There is also a fitness club and health promotion center. What is more, you can find popular Portuguese hypermarket Continente not far from the shopping center. They are connected with lifts and tunnels.

The Strand Arcade

The shops and restaurants of NorteShopping work every day from 10 to midnight. Hypermarket Continente works from 9 a.m. till midnight. If you prefer public transport to car, you can to the shopping center by bus 205, 504, 507, 601 that go from the central part of the city or by metro: А line (blue), В line (red), C line is green and E line is purple to Estacao das Sete Bicas metro station.

More than 400 000 of students come to visit this place in the end of May. The atmosphere in Porto is bright and friendly for a month. This students’ meeting is about 50 years. So, if you want to go shopping in May, it is better to do this in the second half of the month to combine the useful with the pleasant. There is nothing better than going shopping in the atmosphere of big feast.

Garrafeira do Carmo

What is the most popular question for tourists that came from Portugal? Where is the Port wine? Everybody knows that you have to buy port wine in Portugal at least for souvenir.


As it was told before, the shops are everywhere in the city. It is better to find the best of them – the best by choice and pricing.

Garrafeira do Carmo

This little shop is a real wine house, or so-called Port wine boutique. Look up! There is a ship model in the center of the shop, full of wine barrels. There is also a big wine barrel in the center of the room to be the table for degustation. You can buy one bottle or the pack of it. You can make your shopping special to buy black wine that is 15 years old or other interesting wine samples from the collection of the shop. This is the right place to buy some wine for wedding, anniversary or romantic dinner. The taste and aroma are guaranteed!