There are many factors involved towards losing body fat. First and foremost is nutrition. Second is exercise, and third is will-power.The following are some weight loss and dieting techniques.

Eat a low fat diet. While in a dieting phase, discontinue eating certain foods such as: Ice cream, butter, fatty red meats, donuts, cookies, candy. Cut out all the junk! Never eat a load of pasta before bedtime. Unused or unburned carbohydrates will be stored in the body as fat. Other foods to be avoided before bedtime include rice, breads, and juices. Never eat fast food such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc. Most of their foods contain too much fat to be eaten while on a fat-loss diet. Avoid fast food at all costs!

  • Take thermogenics before exercise which may increase fat loss as much as 300%.
  • Take meal replacements in place of meals once and a while to cut caloric intake.
  • Basic Dieting Rule: Try to burn more calories than you consume in your food. Basically eat less.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water helps flush out the body and takes up stomach space.

IMPORTANT: Eat 5-6 smaller meals per day. As written at, every time food is consumed, your metabolic rate rises. Thus, burning fat quicker. Each meal should contain a lean protein source such as fish or chicken to help increase your metabolic rate. Basically eat every 2 hours.

Weight Loss And Dieting Tips & Tricks

A Typical Weight-Loss Day: Eat EVERY 2 Hours

Always do a cardiovascular workout at least every other morning. Ride an indoor bicycle with the tension knob turned-up. Ride for 45 minutes every other morning. If need be, start off riding 15- minutes, then build up to 45-minutes as you build endurance. On the days you ride the bike, take 1-2 glasses of water with a thermogenic on an empty stomach. Exercising on an empty stomach is extremely effective. It will enable you to burn stored fat rather than food that you have eaten.

Meal #1 A Light Breakfast (1 hour after you exercise). Calories continue to burn right after you workout. Breakfast can include a low-sugar cereal. You may have up to 2 eggs with at least one of yolks taken out, preferably both. Yolks are high in cholesterol. Drink water or small glass of orange juice. Alternatives include oatmeal. Take a vitamin packet such as “the Health Pak by Optimum Nutrition”.

Meal #2 A Light Snack. You may have a half can to a full can of tuna (in water only, not oil!) You may have some grilled chicken (never fried). You may conveniently have a meal replacement instead of having to make food. This meal replacement is ideal for a snack because it is low in calories, low in fat, and contains proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Meal #3 A Light Lunch Again. Try to eat lean meats such as fish or chicken. If you must have McDonald’s or other fast food, order the chicken sandwich (grilled only). Have your lunch with water. You may have salad with a low amount of dressing. Italian dressing is OK. Eat vegetables with as many meals as you want. Whatever vegetables you like are alright for fat loss as long as they are steamed or boiled. Do not add butter, lite margarine is OK.

Meal #4 A Light Snack. Take a meal replacement (example: Met-Rx).

Meal #5 A Light Dinner. Grilled Chicken or Broiled fish. Soup (Never creamed). Steamed or boiled. Vegetables. A glass of milk or water. Before bedtime, take L-Carnitine capsules to help you burn fat while you sleep.

This article is written by Daniel, a professional fitness instructor who has been involved in fitness industry for 7 years.