Wedding Ceremony Photography

Every wedding is different; however, there are several essential parts of the ceremony that most couples will want included in their albums: the wedding vows, the exchanging of rings, the signing the register, the first kiss, and the walk back down the aisle.

Good tips for the novice wedding photographer include attending the rehearsal with the couple, knowing the schedule for the day so that you are in the right place at the right time, having the right equipment, and getting the exposure settings right.

If you are a wedding photographer in Hampshire or a similar picturesque setting, you will probably already be familiar with the venue and where you can and can’t go; however, what if the ceremony venue has strict rules regarding photography?

Flash Photography

Speak to the wedding official if you are unsure whether flash photography is allowed and remember that they may have the authority to bend the rules to a degree. Having gained permission, make sure that you stay within the parameters. An article in the Mail highlighted what can happen when a photographer gets on the wrong side of the official, with the priest in question stopping the ceremony to angrily point out: “It’s not about photography, it’s about God.” This unfortunate incident could have been avoided if the boundaries had been set beforehand.

If something does go wrong, make sure that you deal with it in a polite and professional manner.

One Rule for you, Another for the Congregation

It can be frustrating if you are not allowed to do your job as you would like, such as by not using flash photography, especially if members of the congregation are snapping away irrespective of the rules. A point to bear in mind here is that flashes from guests’ cameras may affect your own shots. Remember that a discreet, respectful and professional wedding photographer, such as Hampshire wedding photography by New Forest Studio, will always operate within the rules, be unobtrusive, and will never get in the way.

Should all else fail and you find that you are not allowed to take a single shot within the ceremony venue, a little persuasion from the bride-to-be may go a long way towards gaining those all-important ceremony shots. After all, what is a wedding album without the wedding ceremony?

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