What will be the most important web design trends for 2017? Are there any new business or the old ones are staying? Probably a bit of both. Some things persist based on the material design and other things focusing on the originality will come to the force. However, it is certain that when we take our brand’s image seriously and stay competitive, we will not settle for a standard theme.

Web Design Trends For 2017

Focus On Originality and Own Image

Flat design and the rise of material design make more emphasis on a good user experience. That’s very nice, but it makes the website look more and more consistent. Originality and banning stock-images make you distinctive. For example, websites that have an original way of navigating and use their own images bring the user closer to the brand.

Magazine style

This trend continues from the previous point. Due to the focus on user experience, there is a concern that websites are becoming increasingly similar. To be unique, we can borrow playful elements of fashion magazines like using accents, image overlap and giving more attention to bold typography. This will break the standards like using straight lines of the flat design, without submitting to experience.

Less menu items

Each website only has a few (often solution-oriented) items that are really important to the user. It is not necessary to list all the services as an item in the main menu. However, the most important items are unique to each website. In order to make your choice of menu, a study of your target group is always required.

Color use

Again, inspired by fashion magazines, we will see many fashion-sensitive colors in 2017. In order to draw the user’s attention to the important issues, the quiet “pantone colors” will be alternated with hard-wearing variants.

More use of “cards” in grids

This trend has been here for a while and is inspired by Google’s material design and the user interface of social networks such as Facebook and Pinterest. Due to the ever-shorter voltage curve of Internet users, we expect this trend to continue in 2017.

In short, a “card” user interface ensures that we can offer a large amount of content in a user-friendly manner. The cards ensure that the user can quickly see if the content is of interest to him (or not).


The above design trends promise to make 2017 an exciting year.

It’s time to get over with the standard theme websites. Honestly, these sites sometimes look okay. However, know that such designs have never been completely designed for the target audience, and there are probably twelve others working with the same design. So be unique, use the above trends as inspiration, and dare to allow renewal.

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Happy reading!