We all want to look great and possess the flawless and attractive skin but because of the changing lifestyle, eating habits and drastic change in the natural environment it actually becomes impossible for us to take care of our skin problems. Due to all these factors we cannot take care of our skin in a proper manner. But there are many essential oils which are present in the market and are used for the medicinal purpose which proves effective in treatment of many skin related problems. One of them is a Tea Tree Oil which is the natural herb and is used by many manufacturing companies in making of medicated soaps.

Efficient Ways of Using it in Skin Treatment

Tea Tree Oil is known for its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties which helps in treating the infectious skin diseases which may be caused due to germs, dirt, bacteria’s or some kind of fungus and puts an adverse effect on your body. But it is usually seen that, sometimes these essential oils causes irritation to some people if they have sensitive skin and it should be made sure to go with the prescribed amount so that it does not create any mess. Here are some of the best uses of Tea Tree Oil:-

  • Curing of Acne: – This is used for curing pimples as it has medicinal effect and it provides soothing touch to the pimples on your face. The urge to itch them gets lowered up as the Tea Tree Oil works best with the witch hazel which helps in curing the. It should be made sure that only few drops of the essential oil should be added neither it can cause excessive oil from your skin to ooze out as it dries the skin. Even after its application you should not move outside neither the UV rays of sun may damage the skin.

  • Healing of Sores: – This is best for healing the sores as it works effectively and within less period of time upon them. You can directly apply the oil on your skin by pouring a drop on the cotton swab which will help in working out effectively on your skin area where sore is developed. It will help in reducing the irritation and clears up the skin within sometime. People can also use antifungal soap on the affected area which will help in making the skin smooth and clear.

  • Treating the Bug Bites: – This is one of the infectious disease which one can come across, as the bug bites forms the lumps and red rashes on your body which makes you feel itchy and it can also result in the side effect on your body too. This is one of the problem faced by the people in damp areas so it is recommended that if you have got bug bites then one should take bath regularly with best antifungal and body soap which helps in reducing the bacterial infection or you can even use the essential oil mixed with the coconut oil and you can simply apply on the area for right effects.

  • Helps in Treating Psoriasis: – In this condition the red and scaly inflammation is formed on the skin and causes irritation on the skin. This forms the worst impact on the skin as the inflammation causes pain to the person. But with the help of anti-inflammatory properties of the essential oil it can be treated by its application on the area so that it soothes the skin and the redness also decreases which in turn gives the person lots of relief.

  • Used in Treating Toenail Fungus and Jock Itch :– This is also effective for healing the toenail fungus as it treats the swelled part of the nail area and before its application to the effected part the dead nails should be removed by you so that it does not spread to the whole area. Even it is helpful in treating the jock itch on your intimate areas and you can apply it with the help of cotton swab dipped in the essential oil mixed with carrier oil and after that you can dust the infected part with corn starch.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil on Your Skin

The essential oil has various benefits too as it is used widely to solve many skin related problems which in result soothes your skin. They are:-

  • Treating the fungal infection.

  • Even used as an insect repellant or freshener to remove any kind of odor at home.

  • Treats many foot related diseases too.

  • Helps in keeping your home environment fresh.

So, it can be seen that Tea Tree Oil does not only helps in giving relief to your infectious skin diseases but also helps in other areas too.