The realization of the concept of microarrays has been quite a breakthrough for scientists. Where research was carried out on a macro level, with microarrays it can be carried out in the most intricate way.

Everything can be examined in its utmost detail with the use of microarrays as it provides a platform where scientists can monitor hundred of genes on the same microarray, sometimes even all genes of an organism at the same time. This makes for an ideal situation where the reaction of a certain bacteria or anti-biotic can easily be monitored and analyzed.

People often question how microarray is of any use to them. There are, in fact, a number of ways in which it is used, some of which are listed below.

  • Observing a complete gene system at the same time becomes convenient. It saves a lot of precious time and makes the research more efficient. Where scientists had to test each gene separately for any reaction, with microarrays, the reaction of an antigen can be tested on hundreds of thousands of genes at the same time.
  • It can decipher changes occurring in genes. This means that once a external agent is introduced to a biochip, the resultant changes can be detected. Moreover, the difference in the level of gene expression can also be monitored by observing sequential differences and neucleotide polymorphism.
  • This technology can help discover tumors or signs of its presence in the body by analyzing the gene matter. This is done via comparative genomic hybridization that helps detect any anomaly in the gene structure.
  • Microarrays have been exceptionally useful in finding out about genes that cause certain diseases. This has helped research on their cure, making it more efficient and focused.
  • By observing the changes in genes through microarray during or after an illness, scientists can see the effect a certain medicine might have. It further helps them determine whether the medicine is working or not.
  • Microarrays have been used for dermatological research before any other medical research for common skin diseases such as lymphoma, melanoma, etc. It uses the same technology where it compares different genes and the changes occurring in them to find symptoms, identify diseases and then help cure them by testing medicines on them.
  • Microarray is being especially lauded for its research in cancer cure lately. Scientists are now using this technology to look for a better cure for cancer.

By providing a platform where genes can be looked into in more detail, microarrays have revolutionized science and its applications. Not only has it made research more efficient, it has also given hope to many with unresolved illnesses who are looking up to this technology for logical explanations and better cures.

With researches being outsourced in today’s world, microarray outsourcing has also cropped up. For many companies, it becomes financially and otherwise impossible to get into the details of results. This is where outsourcing is considered. With a world moving towards highly specialized fields, outsourcing microarrays is the smart move.

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