Water Damage Remediation Basics

If you have any type of water damage in your home, time is of the essence. It doesn’t matter if the leaking or running water stems from a sewage backup, flooding or a broken water pipe. Any source of leaking water on your property can cause a great deal of damage to the foundation and property such as furniture and appliances. Even if you already know you must control the water after a flood or other disaster, you may be surprised that there can be even more damage than you think. It’s important to know some of the basic essentials regarding water damage remediation.

Water Damage Remediation Basics

These are some of the most important things to keep in mind whenever you are dealing with a situation of water damage in your home:

• The more polluted the water is in your situation, the worse the situation itself is as well. According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), water can be classified into three categories as per its S500 Standard: Category 1, which is water that is generally sanitary; Category 2: Water that is significantly contaminated; Category 3: Extremely contaminated water. The specific category of water in any loss determines how it can be restored and how much of it can be saved.

• Mold can quickly develop and cause a great deal of damage to the structure and health of your home. It also doesn’t take very long for this fungus to develop. In general, mold only requires a condition of five percent of the following to grow within 48 to 72 hours: Moisture, food source, proper temperature, minimal air movement or none at all and minimal light or none at all.

• Whenever you have a situation of water damage in the home, you must act fast. Fast action is your best chance at successful residential water restoration. You will have to start an insurance claim and immediately inform your insurance agent about the water damage situation, including what occurred, how it occurred, the source of the water and more details. When it comes to water damage, the longer you wait, the worse the problem gets. You also have to act quickly because if you sit on the situation, you will not necessarily have a chance to prove your claim to the insurance company when there is a problem of “sudden damage.”

You can have very quick results when you rely on DKI Services for water restoration after a sudden water disaster in your home. The company’s experts will come to your home no more than two hours after you call. They will thoroughly inspect the property for any safety issues and devise a plan for drying out the structure and eliminating the water. DKI contractors rely on a proven method for drying and mitigating water that is effective and efficient.

Contact DKI Services at your earliest convenience to learn more about its water damage restoration services.

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