Writing has to do a lot with passion. Usually, a few people in every field have a penchant for writing and they plan to pursue it as either their only career or something part-time.

Writing not only gives you a voice but it also gives you the honor of being able to positively influence other people’s lives.

There is incredible variety to writing and it is very hard to get bored of. There are a tremendous number of things that you get to learn from it and it also benefits you in your field by strengthening your ability to express your thoughts.

But, how do you get started is the real question, and one that most people ask. Here are 7 ways to help you get on your feet and pursue work as a writer:

  1. Choose a specialty

Read all kinds of journals, magazines, newspapers, books, novels, children’s stories, websites, travel blogs, food blogs and decide what interests you the most. Outline what you like best and focus more on that. It is both wise and safe to pick more than one option.

  1. Read extensively

Read more about the genre of writing you like the best and research mainly on the recurring topics. You should also spend some time in the library, or if that is not feasible, then make it a point to spend at least an hour a day reading. Research on the topics discussed the most in what you have chosen. For e.g. if it is a health magazine, then maybe you can read up on the latest techniques that people have been using for weight loss or maintaining healthy diet. There are usually ideas related to skin care, preventing diseases, etc. Similarly, if you are doing a newspaper, then maybe you should research on the daily news and keep yourself updated with what has been going on. If you’re doing online websites, then you need to read up blogs and articles from some of the popular websites to understand what the content should be like and the kind of writing style they expect from you.

Reading establishes strong language skills. It helps you understand the different writing styles, different tenses, use of words, use of knowledge, etc.

  1. Write sample articles

Once you have read greatly in your area of interest, you can start writing sample pieces for a niche of your choice. If you have chosen more than 2 niches, then at least write 3 pieces per niche.  Have a friend or mentor read it for you to tell you what they think about it and help you understand your mistakes.

It is always beneficial to get someone to criticize your work, so that you know you are turning in your best work when you submit these articles.

  1. Build your website

To succeed in the field of writing in this age and time, it is crucial to treat it like a business, otherwise you will fail. Therefore, create a very captivating website. Write a little bit about yourself to begin with, the page commonly known as the bio. Create quality content and divide your work under subheadings. Talk about how you can help people expand their business, advertise a brand, make them look better. Get a good website auditor to help you keep track of website ranking. It will also help you enhance your site performance.

  1. Promote yourself

Search up among Facebook groups, ask friends, talk to peers, search on the internet, read in the newspaper to find out if people are looking to hire writers for their businesses. Send out emails to them and it would be wise to answer with a sample you have written before. Flaunt your writing skills by sending the best sample you have and send a link of your website as well. Both your sample and website will be very important to strengthen your chances of selection.

There is usually a bit of competition to look out for. Many people will be answering to the same advertisements as you and hence, you need to be at your best game when you approach them. Most people are also looking for multiple people, so it is very likely for a bunch to get selected. Just try hard and if one of the employers does not select you, there is no need to be disheartened, you should just keep trying.

  1. Excel in your new job

Upon landing the job, it is very important that you stay focused and steer clear of all the distractions that get in the way of your work. It is best to always stay prompt and not miss deadlines; also, do not bite off more than you can chew when taking up assignments and be punctual as it is the key to success. Include the latest research, stats, facts in your articles and hyperlink them to ensure credibility of your content. Be easy to work with and stay friendly.

  1. Beware of the scams

Initially, if a business has just started out or you are a newly hired writer, they might want you to write for free. It is always okay to send out free samples at first because your passion is what drove you here. Soon, they will hire you; or once you have gained some experience, then some other website/company/etc. will appoint you and it is always smart to make a contract with them beforehand to ensure that they abide by what they promise at the beginning. Do not let scammers take advantage of you. Be smart and believe in your writing skills.

Use multiple learning resources and always refer to a dictionary and thesaurus to produce good write-ups. You will soon realize that you are ready to practically do all this. Also, understand that it’s not that hard, and as long as you’re inclined towards your goal you will always make it to the top. Always be persistent and do not give up. Persist and you will eventually get to where you want. Voicing your views and concerns will make you feel better about yourself. Strive to get better.