To rank your website on the top of search engine result pages, it is imperative for professional SEO service providers in India to have the best SEO tools at their fingertips. You cannot rank your website on the top SERP without using them. Every SEO service company should use the following tools to increase online visibility, bringing maximum traffic, and ranking on the top position of SERP:

Want To Rank Your Website On Top SERP? Make Sure Your Marketer Use These SEO Tools

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console or Webmaster Tool provides all-encompassing and technical information about a website’s performance. With it, you can know about search snippet impressions, click-through rates, crawl rate, URLs submitted, sitemap and much more. It can also provide you information about whether your site is infected with malware and helps you identify the infected areas.With Webmaster Tools, you can also get warnings if your website is down, broken, or violate Google’s policies. You can access information like how Google is indexing your site and recommendations on onsite SEO factors, like your title tags and meta descriptions are not in order. All the best SEO service companiesuse this tool to analyze the performance of websites. It aids to create and monitor content that delivers visually engaging search results.

Want To Rank Your Website On Top SERP? Make Sure Your Marketer Use These SEO Tools

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can easily manage dozens of different websites. Professional SEO service providers in Indiainstall a custom generated analytics script on your website to track the detailed information about your traffic, like from where your traffic is coming, how it is impacting your site and even monetary factors, including your conversion rates. You can determine which keywords can bring maximum traffic to a website. In short, it aids to know the performance of organic search. It is an effective tool to figure out the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and helps in improving different dimensions. It helps professionals to know different aspects of a website, including:

  • The online campaign that brings maximum traffic and conversions
  • Determines the location of best visitors
  • Discovers what people search for in a website
  • Visualize what people click on the most
  • Finds the top content
  • Uncover the worst performing pages

Google Keyword Planner

It is used with AdWords and for organic keyword research too. Professional SEO service providers in Indiagenerate countless new ideas for target keywords and phrases, discovering information, such as search volume and competition level for prospective targets.With it, you can search for keyword and ad group ideas, see how a list of keywords might perform, and even create a new keyword list by multiplying several lists of keywords together. It can aid to achieve the following tasks:

  • Research keywords- The professionals find keywords to add to a campaign with it. They search relevant keyword and ad groups ideas depending on the product or service, landing page, or different product categories.
  • Get historical statistics and traffic forecasts-The experts use statistics like search volume to find keywords for a new or existing campaign. The check predicted clicks and estimated conversions to know how a list of keywords might perform for a given bid and budget.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

It is a valuable tool that crawls web pages and fetch important onsite elements to analyze onsite SEO.The professionals copy all these information into Excel or Google Spreadsheet to prepare useful reports. This tool is free for crawl up to 500 URLs and with restricted functions. For larger website’s analysis, the experts buy premium version. Screaming frog SEO spider is helpful in numerous ways, including:

  • Finding broken links
  • Audit redirects
  • Analyze page title and meta tags
  • Discover duplicate content
  • Generate XML stemaps
  • Review robots and directives
  • Extract data with XPath
  • Integrate with Google Analytics

Advanced Web Ranking Cloud

It is a powerful tool for managing, tracking and reporting keyword rankings on major search engines. It can easily provide you a quick overview of important data for a website, along with drill downing into specific subsets of that data. It can also uncover how changes in visibility can impact the website traffic. It can assist marketers in numerous ways, like:

  • Rank tracking
  • Localization
  • White label report
  • Analytics data
  • SEO audits
  • User management


Ahrefshas several helpful functions for SEO, internet marketers, bloggers, etc. It is used for backlinks and SEO analysis. It can also improve search traffic, research your competitors, and monitor your niche. It offers extensive range of features, including:

  • Crawling reports
  • Site Explorer
  • Content explorer
  • Positions explorer
  • Position tracker
  • Domain comparison
  • Ahrefs alerts


Search Engine Optimization is significant to improve the visibility and ranking of a website. It covers myriad tactics to bring a website on the top search engine result pages. Hire the best SEO companythat uses the above mentioned tools to research, analyze and track the website’s performance.

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