The perilous stories of social media accidents haunt every parent, making it essential to keep an eye on your child’s cell phone usage. Cyber Crime is rampant and our children are not safe unless we take active measures to ensure their safety.

Want To Monitor Your Child's iPhone? Use These Apps

The best way to do that is by monitoring their iPhone activity via iPhone spy apps so that you know who they’re mingling with, what they’re discussing most and where they are.

Here are some reviews of the best apps you can find.


A very appropriately named app! Your ‘wild child’ is teen giving you trouble but PhoneSheriff will help you tame them with its time management features. If children are not giving due attention to family or studies, then using this app you can to lock the device during study, sleep and class times so that your kids can’t stray. Set custom time restrictions to block any apps on your child’s phone that you feel they’re excessively attached to. Offered at approx. $89 per year, PhoneSheriff lacks a few features like keystroke and email logging, but offers all the basics, such as monitoring calls, text messages, GPS location, multimedia and contacts. It also offers remote security access like locking or wiping your child’s phone if you suspect they could get into trouble otherwise. Though customer support is not available 24/7, the technical help and support is qualitative.


The name says it all! 100% stealthily it offers surveillance of texts, iMessage, call logs, multimedia, Whatsapp, Viber , Skype, Facebook , Gtalk and even BBM conversations. Filter and monitor your child’s email, browser bookmarks, phone contacts and calendars, track their GPS location and with Geofencing, mark safe and restricted zones on an online map to ensure you are notified when they diverge from safety. You can even listen to or record their surroundings when you’re worried about where they might be and remotely lock or wipe their phone if you’re not happy about their whereabouts. The only downside is the shortest subscriptions is for 3 months. For $159.99 per year, Mspy offers the widest range of features possible, an excellent customer support and a simple, fluid interface, making it one of the best apps to monitor your child’s phone activity.

Mobile Spy

This is an excellent app for monitoring basic key activities like calls, texts, email and browser history logs. GPS tracking along with Geofencing and access to contacts and multimedia is also available. Not only does it offer remotely listening to and recording your kids’ surroundings but it also gets the camera to take snapshots of your child’s surroundings without them knowing and uploads them to your online dashboard so that you may know where exactly your child is, doing what. Feature for blocking apps YouTube, Facebook and messengers or even Internet access make it very useful for kids all ages. Available for approx. $140/year, Mobile Spy is so simple it hardly needs technical support, making it a great asset for all concerned parents.


One of the leading mobile monitoring apps in the current market and it’s up to par with Mspy. All the basic monitoring functions of logging calls and texts, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and Facebook conversations as well as browsing history are available. Block contacts and apps you don’t approve of. If you worry about their safety, simply track them via GPS. The most distinguishing of all is the Call Recording feature available for rooted Androids, and the Keylogger making it an ideal choice for parents who are concerned about who their children are befriending and what they’re sharing with them. Available for approx $199.99, the downside of mSpy is that it offers slightly less features that Mspy does for the same price and mSpy can only run on a jail-broken iPhone or rooted Android phone. However, the single month subscription option, stealth and excellent 24/7 customer support can certainly make up for the shortfalls.

Over to you…

Pick one of these apps according to your needs, ensure your children’s safety over the telecom web, monitor their exposure to inappropriate content and protect your family. Install the apps, sit back and keep tabs via your phone or tablet – what are you waiting for?