Dubai is known world over for its tall building, world class infrastructure, delicious cuisines and shopping but one thing that most people heading to the city forget is that it offers one of the best fishing tours.

There is no other way to explore the place than sail through a yacht cruise, which will take you around Dubai. On these charters, you can not just throw a birthday party or celebrate an occasion but also go fishing. In Dubai you can find a number of fishing charters and hence it becomes vital that you choose one, which is apt for your fishing needs. As you surf through the Internet you will come across numerous fishing companies and once you have short listed the names of the companies, the first thing you need to do is check is they have a fishing license. As per the law of the state, every fishing company must have a license obtained from the state authorities. Along with this, as a tourist you must carry your passport with you on the fishing expedition.

Want To Go Fishing In Dubai?? Read On!!!

Most of the times, you will be provided with all the required fishing equipments and gadgets. The bait you use to catch you desired fish species would plays an important role. So, make sure you have enjoy knowledge about the fish varieties and their matching baits. If you are a beginner angler, you could get the information on the net or you could speak to the locals. A knowledgeable captain will also help you clear any doubt you might relating to your fishing trip and such a captain will be well-experienced to any unforeseen circumstance. If you are an experienced fisherman you can even participate in one of the many fishing related events held here from time to time.

The practised fishing techniques in Dubai are marine and freshwater fishing. While in the former kind of fishing, you will be netting, surf-casting and deep-sea fishing and in freshwater form of fishing, the anglers try their hands at angling as well as hand trapping.

The fishing charter let the tourists try their hands at  different fishing styles. When on a deep sea fishing trip you can aim to catch some Grouper, King fish, Barracuda,  Sheri, and so on. Such kind of a fishing should be done either early morning say around six or in the afternoons during winter months namely January, February and march.The sun in Dubai can be harsh so you must carry with you, your cap, sunglasses, sun block lotion and keep sipping liquids to keep yourself hydrated when out fishing in Dubai.

In general, the best time to go fishing in the city is fromOctober to March. the booking for the charter for fishing can be done via the Internet as most of the fishing companies have a website of their own. Alternatively, you could make a call and make your booking in advance. A trip which is well-planned will ensure that you have peace of mind and you travel safely in the oceans. No wonder, even novice fishermen can spend entire day catching fishes in Dubai.