Wanna Know How To Check Experian Credit Score? Read The Steps Here

Wanna Know How To Check Experian Credit Score? Read The Steps Here

Finally, after making up your mind either to avail a loan or credit card, next thing you should need to pay attention to your Experian credit score. That’s Right! Your three-digit numeric summary is no doubt one such critical aspect that plays a critical role in your overall loan journey. This is the reason that why lenders always give so much stress on the same and check the same before offering any sort of credit. However, for a hassle-free journey ahead it is important that you should know what your score is. And, in order to do that you need to know how to check Experian credit score?

Now you must be wondering why so? How it’s gonna help you? Well, if you are curious to know the answer to the same, let’s go through the article below.

You would be glad to know that these days, there are plenty of leading and reliable sites are available that basically allow you check your score anytime in no time. With the help of checking your three-digit numeric summary, it would be easy for you to know what your score actually is so that you can easily know where to apply. Talking about a credit score, it usually lies in the range of 300 to 900 and most of the lenders prefer a score of 700/750 (minimum) at the time of offering a loan/credit card.

So, with the help of these sites, you can know your score easily and figure out where you are lacking. Actually, the best thing is that apart from letting you know the score, these sites also send you a cibil report that allows you to know each and everything,. Basically, your loopholes as this report contain the complete cheat sheet of your credit history and repayment record. So, after knowing all these facts, it becomes easy for you to know the in and out of your report and score.

Let’s just come to the point and let you know the simple and easy steps of how to know your score online.

Step 1: Mention your Full Name, Mobile Number, and Email ID and click on the ‘Submit’ button

Step 2: An OTP is sent to the registered mobile number

Step 3: Submit the OTP and click on ‘Verify & Continue

Step 4: Select your Date of Birth and Gender

Step 5: Provide your Permanent Address including the state, city, pincode

Step 6: Enter your PAN Number and submit

These simple and quick steps you need to follow so as to know the exact and accurate score of yours. In fact, soon after knowing how to check Experian credit score, you can also raise a request to check your cibil report, which will be sent to your registered email ID. The moment you go through, it will be easier for you to know what are the prone areas you need to work and where exactly you stand.

So, hope, the above steps will helpful for you in the future!   

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