Many homeowners often wander to find leaks in their basement and are surprised to know that water can enter their foundation as well. Basements are more vulnerable to flooding and moisture than other areas of your property, and these problems can cause severe damage to the foundation of your home. In these scary situations, you need an experienced and licensed waterproofing expert to inspect the entire condition and come up with the effective solution. It is not easy to determine a leaky basement, but sometimes an expert guidance can help to protect your property.

It becomes crucial that you identify the warning signs of a leaky basement to prevent further damage. Here is a list of a few vital signs that will help you know the right time to waterproof your basement:


Cracks in floor and walls are the most obvious signs that water is getting into the basement. Although you may not determine warning signs of leakage, cracks in the foundation or walls are clear indication that water has entered the basement. If basement walls and floor is cracking, there is a severe risk to the foundation as well. These cracks should be repaired by an experienced waterproofing expert pretty soon to prevent from growing larger.


Your nose will tell you the entire story when it comes to basement leaks. A musty, moldy or damp odor that you never experienced before is a big sign of water damage, that is generally because of a leak. The constant musty odor is the warning bell to hire basement waterproofing contractors as soon as possible.


Another visible sign of a damaged or leaky basement are bowed walls. When there is a leak or water accumulation behind the walls,  the walls will usually be bowed or twisted due to extreme moisture.  If the walls of your basement appear warped, it is a clear warning sign of a leaky basement.


If you notice that mildew or mold is growing on the walls of your basement. This visible issue indicates excess water accumulation and moisture in that area of your basement. Don’t let the basement of your house be the initial point of mold or mildew infestation. It is essential to deal with this problem immediately before it gets bigger and causes respiratory or other health issues.


Basement areas are more prone to accumulate moisture even if you take appropriate waterproofing precautions. If you find any of the above-mentioned signs in the basement of your home, without wasting your time you should contact the basement waterproofing experts.