Running a business is not a full time job. With the many demands on your time, from reporting on earnings to investors and board members, pursuing new clients to bring in vital revenue, completing tax returns, and hiring new staff, and deciding on high level strategy, it’s two or three full time jobs.

This is a situation that can contribute to ‘Founder Burnout’ – taking on too much, and exhausting your energy reserves, not with one long day that can be fixed with a lie in, but digging deep into your stamina and leaving you worn out physically and mentally and not just in need of a rest but unable to work for weeks or months.

To anyone with a hunger for success in business this is a fate to be avoided like the plague! To that end, today we’re putting the spotlight on a few different services that can lift the burden, and help make running a business a sustainable life choice, not a death sentence!

Market Research

Finding a market research company like Attest can lift some of the weight of decision making from shoulders. They can run surveys tracking your brand strength and responses to changes you’ve made and soon help you to predict responses to your choices, so you can model decisions before you make them, and launch schemes with renewed confidence.

The Law

It’s a false economy to try and do without legal advice when you’re running a company. You might save money in the short term, but sooner or later it’ll come back to bite you: if you don’t get your contracts checked out before you sign, for example, you’ll find your employee, supplier or landlord isn’t bound to the conditions you thought they were, and you’re paying too much and not getting enough back.

That said, using a traditional lawyer could be a waste of resources. It’s unlikely you’ll be running a business with its own legal team straight away, so you need to find this expertise somewhere. Using an online law firm could make it accessible to you in a way that expensive high street lawyers aren’t: working over the phone and by email, they are available at your convenience, rather than requiring you to visit an office for an appointment, which you are billed an hour’s fee for, regardless of how short it is.

Making smart use of the resources available to you is the key to keeping your business life sustainable and healthy – so make sure you do!