Vital Logo Design Tips To Make Your Logo Last Forever

Custom Logo Design

Logo crafting is a long process that starts from inspiration, meets execution and ends at a particular brand identity in the minds of audiences and customers.

The Basic Logo Designing Process

1- Preparing A Creative As Well Strategic Brief

Ask the most necessary questions from the client and prepare a client brief. This logo designing tip is also included in logo designing principles.

2- Research Till You Find Nothing Extra

Conduct two level researches. Research the customer needs on available products in the market. Research the strategies of similar line products in the market.

3- Sketch As Much As You Can

No matter if it takes a week or two or even more, sketch your logo as much as you can. However; don’t forget to keep them safely in the drawer. You are going to select one from them as final logo.

4- Digitalize It

Create vectors of your logo on the computer. Digital representation in a custom logo design is more important than a sketched logo.

5- Prepare The Typeface For Your Logo

Preparing a custom typeface is ideal to add uniqueness to your logo. However; if you want to highlight your design more, then you may choose one from the available typefaces.

20 Useful Tips for How to Make A Basic Logo Design Vital

  1. Research cultural as well as geographical requirements and trends and incorporate them in your logo.
  2. Focus more on professional needs than on client’s dictation. Your client is not professional and expert in designing and branding after all.
  3. Try digital and smart vectors to create the components of your logo.
  4. Use one or two colors in a logo.
  5. Edit language mistakes.
  6. Edit spaces. Put spaces where needed, otherwise; make it spacious and simpler.
  7. Make it active. Add movements in animal or bird logos.
  8. Keep it clean.
  9. Use colors and designs that suit white and black background both.
  10. Subtract, cut and edit. Then, subtract again, cut again and edit again. Make it as simple as possible.
  11. Keep a locked sketch in your system.
  12. Experiment your logo for color, designs, vectors, backgrounds, forums, media and on everything related to it.
  13. Double check it for responsiveness.
  14. Produce more than three sizes of a design.
  15. Unlock it for time. Futuristic logos are always everlasting.
  16. Make it non-controversial. Check it for obscenity.
  17. Test it on local and international market.
  18. Create a style guide for client’s convenience.
  19. Show color options in your final logo.
  20. Explain where your logo should not be used.
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