Visit Supa Dam For The Most Exciting River Rafting Experience

If you are thinking about the best destinations for your upcoming holidays, then you can keep the beautiful India on the top of your list. India is a country where you can find some of the best places for a memorable trip. Among all, Dandeli is the most beautiful place where you can spend some quality time with your family and friends.

Dandeli is known for the best water activities like River Rafting. In Dandeli, there are countless spots to enjoy the water sports. The Supa Dam is one of the most popular picnic spots in Dandeli, which is better known for activities like water scooting and boating.

Things We Should Know About the Supa Dam Before Going There for River Rafting

If you love white water rafting, Dandeli is the perfect destination. When you are coming to Dandeli, especially to the Supa Dam to enjoy the best rafting adventurous experience, you should know a few things about this gorgeous place.

The Supa Dam is one of the biggest dams in India and 2nd biggest dam in the Karnataka. It is known for its capacity of generating power units. The dam is located in the Joida Taluk area which is in the Uttara Kannada district of the state Karnataka. It is very close to the main town Dandeli. It is just 2 kilometers away from the Ganeshgudi. Because of its unparalleled beauty, the Supa Dam is one of the hottest destinations for river rafting in Dandeli.

  1. Activities to do in Dandeli, Supa Dam

The place is famous for water activities such as river rafting adventurous sport. Apart from this, following activities you can do when going to the Supa Dam, Dandeli:

These are the glances of activities you should try when going to enjoy your time in the Supa Dam. Apart from these activities, there are much more to explore.

  1. Best Time to Visit in Dandeli

It is a place where you can explore the hidden gems throughout the year. As far as the perfect time is concerned, it depends on the activity you are willing to do during your trip.

For example, if bird watching is your main activity, then you should pay a visit in the month of January, February, and March. These months are the best time to visit in Dandeli for the bird watching. Similarly, for the rest of the activities such as river rafting, October, November, and December are the perfect months.

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