1 – Paleo Diet

The Paleolithic diet or paleo diet intends to return to food of our ancestors. Note that the bodies of the first humans were not designed to digest fats and junk food, but fruits, vegetables and lean meats. In fact, even foods like grains or some carbohydrates such as potatoes recommended. At that time, humans had no issues of diabetes, hypertension, obesity and high cholesterol. Only much later, with the advent of agricultural societies and the adoption of cereals as food staples came into being health problems that wreak havoc today.

This type of power is the result of over twenty years of research and proposes a new way of dieting, proven scientifically-based foods that our ancestors ate such as more protein from fish, seafood and certain meats, less grain, more fruits and vegetables and a drastic reduction in saturated fats .

The Most Famous Diets To Lose Weight

Recommended Foods in Paleo Diet

  • It is a high protein diet but, unlike others of the same style, does not increase the intake of saturated fats responsible for cardiovascular diseases.
  • It is recommended to eat all meats, fish, lean meats, beef and eggs.
  • You need to consume plenty of vegetables and fruits but reducing tropical which are richer in sugar.
  • Reduce carbohydrates especially those containing starch in potatoes or yams, pasta, cereals, legumes, dried fruits such as chestnuts and acorns.
  • Vegetable oils of grain or seeds are also recommended.

Foods to Avoid

Sugar, milk and its derivatives are not recommended.


You lose weight and learn to identify which foods in what proportions to eat and understand how these foods prevent and cure diseases, most likely, by the removal of sugars and fats, especially trans and processed food, as all them are harmful to health.


  • Human evolution has been accompanied by the developments in eating habits and intake of new nutrients to prolong life.
  • Reducing carbohydrates is dangerous since they are the main source of energy.
  • A diet rich in protein can increase toxic substances such as ketones that can cause kidney damage in the long run.

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2 – 5:2 Diet

The Most Famous Diets To Lose Weight

5:2 Diet is one of the most popular diets in the United States. The celebrities like Ben Affleck and Angelina Jolie have used 5:2 Diet to ensure losing weight quickly with little sacrifice. The method is very simple in this diet as it consists of reducing calorie intake only two days a week. Men can ingest only 600 calories and women 500.

The rest of the time, you have a normal diet without restrictions, but healthy and balanced. With exercise of high performance for a particular day and an intense regime for two days a week can help you lose weight safely.

Recommended Foods

All is included in a healthy and balanced diet i.e. fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meats, cereals and legumes. Healthy cooking and minimally processed methods are recommended in venus factor diet program. The recommended foods during fast days are rich in protein and low in fat. You should also drink plenty of water and eat fruits to avoid constipation.

In Favor

It is said that through fasting for two days in a strict regime, the levels of a type of hormone that is involved in diseases such as cancer or diabetes is reduced. The slimming process is progressive and you don’t have a monotonous diet.


The medical experts are not in favor of conducting such diet plans and warn that it can lead to suffer disordered eating behavior. If the energy expenditure is large on the fasting day, the dieter can be susceptible to blackouts or hypoglycemia.