You are a smoker and have been puffing away for more years than you can count. Smoking has been taking its toll on you as food just doesn’t taste as good as it once did. Moreover, you don’t have the energy that you once had and you fear that cancer is building up in you.

Fortunately, vaping has come along, with electronic cigarettes providing a way for smokers to break the habit. Instead of inhaling smoke, vapers take in vapor and exhale same. Both may include nicotine, but the carcinogens related to cigarettes are not present in e-cigarettes. That’s a difference that has led many to make the move to a more healthful alternative. Here is what you should know about what happens to your body when you switch to vaping.

1. Carbon monoxide is gone. Everyone has carbon monoxide in their bodies. But if you smoke, you have an excess of this poison. Excess carbon monoxide will leave your body rapidly once you quit smoking — in as little as eight hours! That’s a remarkable improvement in such a short span.

2. Up your water consumption. Within a few days of making the transition from vaping to smoking, you likely will consume fewer flavored drinks and drink more water. That move means you will also consume fewer calories and gain a renewed desire to drink water. Water is better for you and will help you lose weight.

Vaping is Better Than Smoking

3. Taste and smell improves. It only takes one week for your taste and smell to improve. Indeed, as soon as you quit smoking, your body begins to repair the damage. That means the foods you once enjoyed before you took up smoking will be enjoyable once again. And that also means you will take pleasure in various aromas that haven’t thrilled you in some time.

4. Your lungs are on the mend. It takes three months, but by that time your lung function will begin to improve. That means that your lungs will be in a better position to clean themselves. You will notice the improvement if you start an exercise regimen — you will be much less winded as you lean into your program explains

5. Your risk of heart disease is lessened. Heart disease and stroke go hand in hand with smoking. Fortunately, when you make the switch from smoking to vaping, those risks begin to lessen. Your risk of heart disease should drop in half after one year. Your risk of a stroke will also decrease and after five years your chances of a brain attack will have shrunk considerably.

6. Additional benefits realized. When you quit smoking, a number of lingering smells will begin to fade. Indeed, that halitosis you have may disappear, provided that there is not some other health issue present. The odors related to smoking — fumes in your hair, on your clothes, furniture, drapes and elsewhere will no longer be present. No smoke, means no personal pollution!

Diet and Exercise

Quitting smoking is important, but watching your diet and following an exercise plan are important too. It is at this point you may want to meet with your doctor to discuss how best to go about and do both.

Ultimately, quitting smoking and taking up vaping will serve you right. Importantly, your lifespan has a better chance of being extended with the threat of disease reduced. You will feel better, your loved ones will be glad and you will find that you have more energy and the desire to accomplish more in your life. In other words, switching from smoking to vaping can give you a new outlook in life as you reach higher for new goals.