The services offered by the junk removal companies are multifarious and comes with a lot of options for the service receiver to choose from. Those who deal with heavy materials to remove from their home or office premises can opt for a service which removes unwanted materials from the leftover designated location. This may include a broken sofa, machinery and equipments and the like. The progress of everyday work would indicate more accumulation of trash which is required to be removed on a regular basis.

The other type of service includes a garbage container for rent. The container is left in a particular place outside the home or office to dump the trash into it. It is then cleared of its mess at regular intervals to ensure cleanliness of the premises. The option is suitable for those who want to get rid of the scrap material for redecoration of their office space. However, the choice of the removal company should be done with extreme caution and after proper scrutiny as all companies are not experienced and skilled enough to perform all kinds of trash removal services.

Availing Hourly Rates

The type of charges made by the Bay Wide Hauling services in Oakland differs from one another. While some prefer to charge on a flat fee basis others make an hourly charge. The hourly rates are generally lower than the flat rate as it does not depend on the volume of junk required to be disposed. Instead the number of hours worked is taken as the basis for quoting an amount for the services rendered. But adequate care must be taken before hiring such service to ensure that the service receiver pays only for the service received and nothing more than that.

But from the cost point of view this type of rating is more beneficial to the service provider rather than the customer as it cannot be known with certainty how long it will take to remove a certain quantity of scrap. They may take more than the usual time to remove the junk materials and this can cause the final billing amount to rise steeply more than expected. Companies quoting such policy of billing generally start charging well before they reach their destination and long after they have left the spot.

Convenient and Time Saving

Clearing up the unwanted materials from the commercial or residential space can take up a lot of time and energy. Sometimes it can consume several hours of your valuable time depending upon the accumulated junk stored. It would also be quite an exhaustive task to perform as it would require separation, hauling and disposal of the items under consideration. Certain locations even impose some conditions fulfilling which specific classes of trash or junk can be disposed of. Therefore, Bay Wide Hauling services involved in junk removal in Berkeleywill mitigate the complications of handling these hassles.