When planning your toddlers’ birthday celebration you, of course, want to make it an occasion that is special for both for them and memorable for everyone who attends. Taking the time to pull together a themed party can really help you achieve that goal. But when choosing party accessories and supplies what theme should you go with?

Using Party Accessories To Create A Toddler's Birthday Party Theme

Actually, the choices are almost endless, especially if you shop for party accessories online,  but here are a few popular ideas:

Princesses and Divas: Every little girl is a princess in their parent’s eyes so why not reflect that when you are buying birthday party supplies? You can find supply sets that are traditional or modern and if you shop around you can find some truly spectacular princess party supplies.

You don’t have to go with the same old pale pink though – lots of girls really don’t even like pink – so why not look for bright shades of purple and hot pink for something a little out of the ordinary?

Sesame Street: Kids have been watching Sesame Street for decades now but it is still a favorite with babies and toddlers in the 21st century. Sesame Street birthday party accessories usually feature everyone’s favorite characters – Elmo, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie – and these days a few of the newer residents of one of New York’s most famous street too.

You can liven up the party by popping on a Sesame Street DVD, you can be sure that all the kids, young and old, will be entertained. After all, who doesn’t love the Cookie Monster (or his cookies?)

Sports Themes – From football to cricket, rugby to wrestling and more, a sports themed birthday party is an old favorite that never goes out of style. Ordering a cake that is in keeping with the theme is always a great idea too.

Unicorns and Dragons – Unicorns have been popping up in fairy tales and other stories of enchanted worlds for centuries and unlike their close relatives dragons they (usually) embody all that is sweet and good and therefore a combination of the two can be a lot of fun.

Toddlers love the bright colours and fairytale characters and parents will love the fact that both unicorn and dragon party accessories are fairly easy to find, no matter what time of year it is. Unicorns make great pinatas too – a very popular modern party accessory you’ll find at all kinds of parties – and even the smallest kids will be able to bash away and have tons of fun if it’s hung low enough (or they have some adult help)

Paw Patrol – It’s hard to find a toddler who doesn’t love the brave dogs who make up the Paw Patrol. And whether their favourite happens to be Ryder, Marshall, Skye or one of the other pups making use of party accessories to put together a Paw Patrol toddler party that young children will love is easier than you think.

Marvel’s Avengers – It’s hard to escape Marvel’s Avengers these days and the chances are good that your toddler has a ‘secret’ wish that they could meet Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk or some of the other members of their superhero squad.

While it might be a bit too hard to arrange that (they are usually busy saving the world after all) you can use Avenger’s themed party accessories to set a great superhero theme for your toddler’s birthday party. And if one of the adults is game, there are great superhero costumes to be found online that they could consider dressing up in so that maybe a superhero could come to their party after all.

Super Mario – Nintendo’s most famous character – Super Mario – has been around now for over 25 years but is still as popular as ever.

A Super Mario party would be a great theme for any toddler birthday party, boy or girl,

because Super Mario’s world is full of all kinds of fun and entertaining characters, from his plumber brother Luigi to the beautiful Princess Peach and the evil Bowser and his henchmen the Koopas. There are lots of Super Mario party accessories available to help you create the theme so it’s not even that hard.

What Party Accessories Do You Really Need for a Toddler Birthday Party?

Just what party accessories you need to throw the perfect toddler birthday party will vary according to the number of guests, the party location, planned party activities and more. However, you might want to consider making sure you have themed versions of all the following:

  • Paper plates
  • Paper cups
  • Banners
  • Party favours
  • Gift bags
  • Balloons

To make things even more convenient some online party accessories suppliers do sell themed birthday accessory packages that contain everything you need for a great time. As every parent is busier than they might like to be these can be a real timesaver (and you’ll probably save money too, another big plus.)