Using A Software For Law Offices – Our Recommendations

We want to start this off phrasing a simple question – do you use a software for your law office?

If your answer is yes, you can most likely stop reading this article now. If however the answer is no, please do continue reading as you’re about to be enlightened by friend

Your first question should be – why would I use a software for my law office? The answers are simple:

So now that everyone will thank you, you can thank yourself! In all reality, using a software will help you stay organized since we all know you have that pile of paper stacked up on your desk next to your computer right now. Instead of simply pushing it aside, plug it into that new fancy scanner of yours and begin uploading everything to your new software we recommend: PracticePanther!

Do you remember the days when things were easy? Probably not because being a lawyer is never easy. But I promise you, there is hope! Using a software in your law office will greatly enhance the way you do business and your customers once again will notice and thank you. You probably don’t even realize it but you are cheating your clients. Cheating them of their hard earned money. Do you really think you’re tracking your time accurately? You know you probably mark down more hours then needed but lucky for you, there is nothing to prove it. Why do you think your clients don’t want to pay you? They think you’re making up hours also! Once they hear you’re using a new software to manage your firm, they will understand you’re already at a different level then the rest. How can they possibly argue with a software that tracks every second spent on them or their case?

With detailed reports and security logs, you can quickly generate a report to show what you’ve been working on in and out of the office. You probably also have those moments where you know you FORGOT to add time to the invoice. Now you can do everything on the go with your convenient mobile smartphone as the software works online in the cloud, is web based, and is mobile friendly.

Need more social proof? Just check out the testimonials on their website – they have countless and thousands of lawyers worldwide who are thrilled about using them.

Do yourself a favor and get yourself and your law office a software they can easily use. Everyone will thank you.

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