Running business in the US is considered simple. Regulation is at the lowest level. It is not hard to get all sorts of licenses and permits and the reporting should be submitted just once a year. In any case, you can hire an accountant, who will be filling in and submitting the reports. The taxes are paid once a year as well. Although it looks difficult to calculate them, everything is quite simple.

Life in California is safe and comfortable, the roads are good, and the prices for the foodstuffs are rather low. The local population is very hospitable. According to , the climate is Mediterranean in most parts of the state, with a rainy, but warm, winter and a dry, but cool, summer.

California taxes are $ 800 per year for income up to $ 200 thousand a year. Concerning the federal taxes –it is a bit complicated issue. The scale of the federal tax is progressive, that is, from the first 9 thousand you do not pay anything, from the next $ 20 thousand you pay 15%, etc. Part of the income is not taxed if the costs for certain needs were made. In general, it is not very simple, but any accountant draws up all the reports for $ 700- $ 1500, and you need to do this once a year.

Talking about advertising, for small cities, the most effective are two options for advertising: mailing booklets and word-of-mouth advertising. The post office site has a special section, where you can select a specific area for the distribution of advertising and immediately see how many houses in the area there are and how much will the mailing cost. Then you bring your booklets to the post office and they distribute them for a couple of days. The second option is a word-of-mouth advertising. In other words, it is when your customers advise you to their acquaintances. Naturally, to achieve this, it is necessary to maintain friendly relations with customers.

Applying for E2 visa

Getting a consultation in any state institution is a very difficult task, because you are immediately told that you should turn to a lawyer. It is hard to extract information about what needs to be written into one form or another. However, almost everything you need can be found of the Internet. The cost of legal services in the US for assistance in completing any form for 1-2 pages costs at least $ 1-2 thousand. Assistance in preparing documents for the E2 visa will cost $ 5-10 thousand.

Life in California

In the United States, it is very important to know the location of bad and good settlements or areas. By the way, when looking for work, it is worthwhile to know that employers pay attention to your district. When you tell your address, Americans believe that you are declaring your ambitions and worldview.

There are unusual rules of renting a house in the United States. First, you can rent the apartments only. In order to rent a house, you need to have a story of renting real estate in the US.

Useful Tips For Those, Who Have Decided To Move To California In Connection With Business Issues

The lease agreement is a very important document. You need to have it with you during visits to the bank or DMV (local traffic police), so it makes sense to make a copy. Moreover, a person, who is having no bank history and social security number, cannot open an account in a small bank.

In California, there are some peculiarities in connection to local mobile network. A prepaid package, which worth $ 40-50 per month can be bought at any store, but to start using it, you need to call the operator, and you will be given out the mobile number and pin-code. Coverage of mobile communications there is not perfect.

The procedure of obtaining the driving license in California costs $ 33 and takes a week. To do this, you need to register for an exam in DMV, come and pass a written test, (it is possible even in your mother tongue). After that, you can take the driving test. For those who are obtaining the driving license in the US for the first time, this is mandatory.

Political life in the United States is connected mostly with local events and depends on local authorities. All the issues, starting from how to paint facades, use water and clean up the streets, and ending with the presence of a police station and a fire brigade, are decided by the local community.

Summing it all up, there are different aspects of moving to California in connection with your work.

Positive aspects are:

  1. E2 visa is a simple and relatively cheap way to gain experience at living in the US with all the peculiarities.
  2. Standard issues – car purchase, driving license obtainment, sending children to school – are solved without difficulties.
  3. Along with the E2 visa, both applicants receive a social security number (the possibility of obtaining a credit card and a credit rating), and a husband or a wife of the main applicant, if desired, can obtain a work permit that is not limited to the created company.
  4. Having a business, makes it easier to adapt abroad, because the constant involvement in business expands the circle of acquaintances and does not leave time for depression and longing for the Motherland.

Negative aspects are:

  1. The ocean in California is cold throughout the year everywhere except San Diego.
  2. Medicine is expensive and the medicaments are hard-to-get.

In general, this experience allows to look at life in the United States from within at the expense of income received in the United States. With the help of car rental for young drivers in San Diego, living in California would be much comfortable.