Everyone need high speed internet for file transfer. The seed box devices are becoming very popular between bit torrent users, because once they are installed in high speed network; it can give boost to torrent transfer. Also it is easier to handle it through browser, and you can do that from anywhere in the world. But seed box is not only limited to the speed enhancement for bit torrent but also all kind of huge digital files. Users can download those files within fraction of seconds.

Although seed box is becoming very popular but all peoples are not familiar with the use of seed box. There are many dedicated seed boxes. One can understand the term seed box by this simple explanation. These are fully dedicated and private servers, which are designed for the sole purpose for downloading and uploading large digitals files, with faster rates. Manufactures for dedicated seed box always keep in mind that these should be compatible with almost all widely used operating systems like windows, mac OS X, and Linux, so that bit torrent users should not face any problem, when transferring the large files, due to the lack of software compatibility.

This software works with bit torrent protocols. First of all connection is made between the dedicated seed box and a high speed network, which can send files at the speed of 100 Mbps or more. Also many other protocols are also used when using seed box, like HTTP, SFTP, sync or FTP, when user is other than bit torrent. Seed box help to download these files very quickly to your computer.

Dedicated seed box varies according to the size and capacity they can handle. Users can choose dedicated cheapest seedbox according to their need. Also mostly seed boxes are not made for all purposes and tend to serve very specific purpose. Shared seed box is also on dedicated server but in this the HDD, CPU and RAM are shared with others. Cost wise these servers are cheaper than dedicated seed box. But the amazing thing in this is, even though people share the same server they will never be able to have access to your account or your files. But again, you should choose a good and reliable seed box hosting company. You should see to it that even on shared seed box there are a few sharers. Keeping too many sharers would have effect on the speed and there would be server overloading.

  • Both dedicated and shared seed boxes are operated on faster speed than the speed present in home networks.
  • Seed box provide its user instant downloading and uploading facility. They provide unlimited bandwidth.
  • Seed box present economic advantage over traditional internet connection in terms of cost and performance and enable user to keep a healthy seed box account.
  • Seed box does not include the ISP account details with them, hence there is no risk of ISP capping in for users.
  • Seed box are safer than Bit torrents as they minimize the cases of RIAA and MIPAA, and hence provide more security.