Wacker Neuson is responsible for creating a wide variety of machinery and equipment aimed at the construction industry, including everything from tracked loaders and telehandlers to hand operated tools. Its range of rammers can complete a range of compaction tasks, working effectively in areas which are too small for fully fledge rollers. Here is a quick look at the key advantages of a Wacker Neuson rammer .

Compact Performance

The rammers built by this firm are not only designed in-house, but also benefit from bespoke engines fashioned by Wacker Neuson to provide efficient operational capabilities and plenty of power. Both two and four stroke petrol engines and a diesel-powered handheld rammer are available, delivering a combination of reliability and productivity.

The inclusion of a catalytic converter on even the smallest of the rammer range means that emissions are kept low, in compliance with regulatory standards. Furthermore a comprehensive filtration system means that the engine is less likely to become clogged with dust and debris over time, making it cheaper to maintain. There is even an automatic engine shutoff system which kicks in if the rammer is allowed to idle for over ten minutes, making sure that fuel is not wasted unnecessarily.

User Friendliness

Since rammers perform compaction duties while being held by an operator, often in the confines of a trench, there are certain considerations which need to be made in terms of user comfort. And with the diesel-powered models from Wacker Neuson, this is a particular advantage for construction workers.

As well as featuring a large fuel tank to avoid regular refills, these machines are cleaner and greener than ever, keeping the air quality up and avoiding persistent exposure to fumes, even in places where there is not much ventilation on offer.

The vibrations created by its compaction efforts are dampened thanks to an integrated shock system which prevents too much shaking being passed on to the operator via the handle. Plus, with a simple layout of controls, there is not much of an initial learning curve to overcome during training.

Maintenance Advantages

 Keeping a rammer in good working order is essential to prolonging its life and avoiding unforeseen costs for as long as possible. The range from Wacker Neuson is especially well equipped to help conscientious owners in this respect, as some models come with a system designed to issue alerts when problems arise.

An integrated LED indicator can notify users of low oil levels, allowing them to take action. If the machine continues to be used in this condition, the engine has an automatic shutoff mechanism in place to ensure that it is not subjected to damage when this essential substance is entirely depleted.

Investing in affordable replacement parts for these rammers is a great way of keeping them in excellent condition, even if they are subjected to regular use. Although many construction firms choose to hire in this type of equipment when necessary, rather than investing in one permanently.