Improvements in technology have brought many changes to our lives. One such is the use of solar power to provide a standby power system if not give the main supply of energy. The UPS unit in our homes and shops uses an inverter to convert the energy stored from the solar panels in the battery.While it is important to choose the proper inverter (some appliances may not work if you use the wrong inverter), it is also important to choose the right battery. 

Use Of Flat Plate Batteries For Your UPS Unit

Types of Batteries available

The main types of batteries in use are tubular batteries and flat plate batteries. You can buy online flat plate battery in india with ease. Tubular batteries are stronger than the flat plate batteries. This is because they can run for a longer time and store more energy. For this reason, people refer to them as deep cycle batteries. They are both lead acid batteries but they are different because their construction.

Though both the batteries remain similar in construction, the tubular batteries are more difficult to manufacture. They cost more as a result and have more application. The flat plate batteries have lead alloy plates that serve as the negative electrode. Because of its intrinsic design, these batteries are tough and can survive in punishing circumstances. They have an extended life cycle and their build gives them a higher electrical efficiency. They show superior performance and when they have enough amount of pasted material, they have an extended life. They have good reserves of lead and show good heat dissipation. Flat plate batteries have good protection against damage. In comparison, the tubular batteries have lower reserves of lead and their life cycle is only moderate. 

Reason to Choose the Flat Plate Battery

You can get the flat plate battery online in India from reputable suppliers. Search for the best UPS supplier in India or the Award Winning UPS maker in India to be sure you are getting the top quality product. The tubular batteries have two other disadvantages. They are sensitive to material shedding and are susceptible to top bar breakage.

The flat plate battery has an electrolyte that helps the ion movement. It gives many crevices needed for recombination reaction and so the chemical reaction gets augmented. These crevices provide the passage for the oxygen from the positive to the negative plates. You have hydrogen production at the negative plates but this is lesser in amount compared to the oxygen. If you choose a battery with a maintenance free design, the electrolyte maintenance becomes nil.

Natural choice of the people

These types of batteries show a high tolerance against damage from deep discharge. This improves the recharging efficiencies. Also, they show a long shelf life. In built high pressure venting systems take care of the oxygen recombination and improves its efficiency. So, you can leave the battery for a while and there is no need for immediate recharging. This leads to high reliability and stable quality.

Since the performance is better even though the material used is the same, many people prefer the flat plate batteries for their UPS systems. Also, they are reliable and have a longer life span.