Carpets or rugs look great when they are used to cover the floors. In fact, they upscale the aesthetic quotient of the room. One can use a carpet or a rug to cover the hard floor and they can match it with the wall colours and other decors of the room.

There are many carpet exporters in India which deals with varieties of rugs and carpets. one needs to know the characteristic of each variety before choosing the suitable one for their room.

One can use nice rugs to cover the floors. Here are the popular varieties.

Bordered rugs

These are simple looking rugs and they have a specific base colour. The specialty of these rugs is they have a border on the edge and they come in different colours and designs. Some borders can be just simple stripes or it can be of multiple strips with several combinations of colours. They match almost every floor area.

Handmade rugs

One should know that these rugs are mostly tufted rugs. If one buys a handmade rug they know that no other rugs can be compared to them in fields of function ability and durability. If it is a good quality handmade rug, one can even pass it down through generations and it stays the same in combination, colour and value. But yes, these hand knotted rugs take a lot of time to be weaved. They are weaved with so much care that they look perfect and lasts long.

Instead of putting a rug on the floor one can also go for a luxurious carpet.

Wool Carpets

If you want a luxurious carpet then you can easily go for woollen ones. This is the softest fibre which one can think of using in a carpet. But yes, there are high grade and low grade wools. The high grade woollen carpets are very expensive but if you want some affordable ones, there are few carpets available which can combine synthetic fibres and wools. They have the benefits of both.

Polyester Carpets

The best part of this material is they can come in very bright and vibrant variety of colours and so they do not fade easily over time. Polyester is used in good quality are mostly eco friendly and so people do not get allergic reactions from it. But yes, if you put something heavy weight on it, then the fibres can get flattened a bit.

Whenever you choose a rug or a carpet for the floor try to find out how durable the materials are. This is because; buying a good rug or a good quality carpet is a good investment. You will definitely not want to change it every year. Also check the dust absorbing capacity of the carpets and rugs. If it is for domestic purpose, then one does not need a carpet which has a very high dust absorbing capacity.  But if it is for a high trafficking area, then it is a must.

One can buy good carpets from carpet suppliers in India.