Corruption is broadly measured to have unpleasant effects on economic improvement through its harmful impact on the level and worth of public investment and the competence of government services. On the other hand, many of these large-scale variables are the analysis of corruption. There are few studies of this two-way communication at the large-scale level. This theory aims to extend the current text on corruption and development by open analysis of two different channels through which corruption and economic development network, explicitly women’s share in politics and pollution. For each changeable, the thesis presents a conjectural model in which corruption and economic development are determined endogenously in a dynamic general balance structure. We have four main outcomes.

First, female bureaucrats commit smaller amount corrupt acts than male bureaucrats because they have lower incentive to be corrupt.

Second, corruption influence pollution directly by reducing pollution abatement possessions and indirectly through its impact on development. As pollution and development show to have an opposite U-shaped relationship, the total effects of corruption on pollution depend on the economy’s altitude of income.

Third, we confirm a simultaneous relationship between corruption and progress.

Fourth, for adequately small income levels, corruption and poverty might be permanent features of the economy. Moreover the two speculative models, the thesis also observed investigation of the routine effect of women’s share in parliament on corruption using group data and gender quotas as instruments for women’s share in parliament. Our results overturn the consensus since we find no fundamental effect of women’s share in parliament on corruption.

Starting Illegal Behavior

Corruption is following each and every person’s interpretation of the first century. People face corruption and illegal behavior, which avoided a bad error while patrolling light fingers. With the internal system of law enforcement and unwanted remote time, developing countries are the most vulnerable. Low common, yet, unfortunately, developing countries also suffer from the worst illness.

Yet society is fighting for the future. On the other hand, to return to my article, everyone who knows about corruption is to take advantage of illegal and illegal sources of war. First of all, you know your enemy. The only way to stand against fraud is to illustrate the citizens and especially the growing generation – children and students, who are “enemies”.

Some Time Good and Some Time Try to be Good

Fortunately, the change in things through the internet and mass media is being extended towards the dark and by the corrupt phase. People have the courage to stand for their rights, and whatever is more important, not to make money and mischief. The surprise is that some people are good, and many people try to do this. “Encourages these books and real-life stories to protect the pride and the morality of the darkness.


At the top of the above, I should say that Shakespeare was right – “All the devils are here”: The hunger, the war, the blind anger, the sin, and the wrongdoing in the culprit’s coach. The world is full of evil and danger. But it is also full of valuable and brave people. We have to face ourselves, to fight against us, to recognize the enemy and to fulfill all our mistakes. I’m sure the “divide” in our eyes is the only way to melt.