Unpacking The Health Benefits Of Muay Thai In Thailand

Muay Thai is a form of martial arts that is practiced in Southeast Asia and other areas such as Thailand. It uses the elbows, hands, knees and shins extensively in each technique. It is also known as ‘the art of eight limbs’ because it uses eight points of contact as opposed to the two used in boxing and the four used in other sports. Some of the techniques used in Muay Thai training include:

Defensive Techniques

These, as the name suggests, are used to defend yourself. They include:

·       Evasion

·       Blocking

·       Redirecting

·       Disrupting

·       Avoiding

·       Anticipation

Offensive Techniques

These are used to launch an offence against one’s opponent. They include:

·       Kicking

·       Punching

·       Elbowing

·       Foot thrusts

·       Clinching and neck wrestling

·       Kneeing

You can learn each of these techniques by attending a training camp in Thailand. Some people travel to the region for holiday and to enjoy the beach only. You can get more out of your trip and save money if you select a travel package that includes Muay Thai training. This form of martial arts has numerous health benefits which include:

Cardiovascular Strengthening

Muay Thai helps with conditioning your cardiovascular system. This is because the techniques place stress on the cardiopulmonary system. They engage both the aerobic and anaerobic, thus strengthening your heart and breathing system. It is more effective than aerobics and other exercises such as jogging and cycling.

Gaining Phenomenal Hip Mobility during Training

The more you train, the better you become and the more the health benefits you receive. Continued training, for example, helps you to gradually gain hip strength and mobility. Flexibility and strength in the hips greatly alleviates lower back and knee pain. This is because the weight becomes distributed in the right places thus there is no overcompensation in these two areas.

Core and Leg Strength

Muay Thai increases overall fitness. It helps to increase strength in the core, that is, the muscles in your trunk area. This allows you to engage in other activities. One of the main goals by all fitness experts is to strengthen the core. Additionally, this form of martial arts also allows you to gain or increase your leg strength. This leads to stronger joints and reduced knee pains.

Relieve Stress

This is one of the most important benefits of Muay Thai. Many people encounter stressful situations during the day. They are forced to bottle up this stress because there is no safe environment to release the stress. Others ultimately opt to drink themselves under the table while others take to drugs in order to cope. Muay Thai at provides a safe environment to release this stress. Eliminating stress reduces the risk of suffering from depression and other mental disorders or breakdowns. This is good for one’s overall health.

Muay Thai is common in Thailand. You can opt to take on regular training if you would like to participate in the ring. However, if you are taking on the techniques for fitness only, you can join a camp or enjoy a session or two when you travel to the area on holiday.

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