The Zcash roadmap was recently announced by Nathan and Zoco Wilcox on the company blog, and here, we will take a look at exactly that. So, will Zcash win its battle against the privacy coins? Is it a better choice than the TRX coin or Dash? Let’s take a look at the future of Zcash.

A handful few categories of blockchain projects are potentially lucrative, and some of these niches include real estate, energy, finance, and distributed computing. Privacy coins like Zcash, Monero, Verge, and PivX deserve a special mention in this regard. More and more crypto experts are showing interest in privacy coins, Zcash being one of them.

What is Zcash?

Zcash, a cryptocurrency aims at offering enhanced privacy to its users, compared to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

It is an open-source and decentralisedcryptocurrency and makes use of the zero-knowledge proof or zk-SNARKS technology. This technology allows users to make transactions without any direct interaction or exchange of information.ZCash being a promising cryptocurrency, ZEC to BTC conversion is available at most of the crypto exchanges

Proposed Roadmap

Right from its inception, Zcash has undergone a series of updates and enhancements. The Zcash team met recently to discuss the currency’s future and mainly focussed on four things: usability, sustainability, innovation, and decentralisation.

The following decisions were made:

  • The usability of Zcash needs to be increased, both in terms of acquiring and using Zcash. Zcash also needs to be integrated into 3rd party solutions including exchanges, wallets, merchants etc.
  • Pushing for privacy adoption and keeping a track of the same. The team also plans to do market research to get a better understanding of the current use and identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • Improve scalability and protocol development and research. All these without compromising on privacy and decentralisation.
  • Indulging in community development, 3rd party education, brand development, market research, public relation, content development, as well as trademark management.
  • Continuation of the ongoing support and maintenance of the Zcash network which includes security fixes, Sapling activation, and much more.
  • Supporting decentralisation keeping ASICs in mind.

Decoding the Future of Zcash

The focus of Zcash will be on privacy and anonymity. Zcash executed Overwinter on 26th June, its first hard fork. Sapling is the next upgrade and this is expected to go live in the month of October.

While Overwinter focuses on the security of the network, the Sapling upgrade will save storage and time for anonymous transactions.

However, keeping the market volatility in mind, it is difficult to predict the ZEC price in the near future. The same holds true forDash price predictionand other cryptocurrency price predictions.

Most of the ZEC trading is taking place on HitBTC and LBank exchanges, and this niche privacy coin is yet to gain popularity. Also, Zcash is mostly paired with Bitcoins. This means a drop in the price of Bitcoin will directly affect the price of ZEC. Bitcoin is the bigger cryptocurrency, and it is pulling down the smaller one.

The current price of ZEC is $206.938, and the future of this privacy depends on the October upgrade to a great extent. It is an interesting privacy project and has a solid team behind its back. As investment is concerned, it will be wise to wait for the current year, before taking the final call.