Obviously, smartwatches will never be as popular as tablets and smartphones, because they have more limited functionality and purpose. However, they will eventually become a common part of our lives, because millions of gadget users will be more than happy to replace their normal wristwatches for something that’s much smarter. Smartwatches could effectively replicate some of the smartphone functionality and experience, despite the much limited screen real estate. Clearly, they have inferior usability, as an example, it won’t be convenient to read e-books or a long webpage on a smartwatch. There are many things that we should consider before buying a smartwatch. One basic thing about a smartwatch is its physical design.

If we want to purchase a smartwatch, it is important to understand its overall anatomy. A smartwatch is consisted of three essential components: Watch body, watch face and wrist strap. There are many smartwatch models in the market and the most noticeable one is its body. When evaluating the body of a smartwatch, we should consider whether it fashionable, cool or too bulky for our taste. Fortunately, latest smartwatches are already as slim as standard wristwatches, so we won’t find bulky ones, except if they are early models. An ideal smartwatch body should be suitable for both formal and casual wear. It means that we don’t have to wear different smartwatch for different occasions. As an example, we should choose models with clean sporty looks, if we want to wear sports attire.

Sporty smartwatches would look out of place with a tie and formal suit. More neutral designs should be suitable for both formal and casual attire. The size of the watch body should be quite reasonable, without being bulky and unwieldy. However, some people don’t mind using a bigger smartwatch, while many ladies do. Again, should we have two smartwatches with different sizes and designs? Although this may sound like a good decision, it could be quite costly. We shouldn’t have too much bulk in our smartwatch. Unfortunately, battery technology still somewhat lags behind and larger battery would equal to larger capacity. In this case, we could some thicker models that have extended battery life. These smartwatches should be adequate for various outdoor usages.

The design of the watch face should match with the body. Some smartwatch models can have their face replaced vey easily. It’s something that we should consider if we want to quickly change some of the design elements very easily. These watch models could have multiple faces in the packaging and each should match specific theme. As an example, formal watch face should be adequate for more formal situations. There should be enough alternatives to appeal different users with specific needs.

Watch strap is the last body component that we should consider and they have design and styles that fit specific dressing situations. They have different colors, patterns and texture that could match different occasions. Like watch faces, these straps could be replaced easily with a small screwdriver, while others use spring-loaded clips.