Psychologists work in an ever-evolving field. It seems that best practices constantly shift and that new research is published every day. This is why the APA requires CEUs for Psychologists to renew their license. These classes can help you better serve your clients and contribute to the positive evolution of your field.

There are numerous formats for continuing education programs. They range from articles and books to videos, to both webcasts and in-person workshops. You may choose to earn credits in the way that is most convenient to you. Each state has different rules for how many hours you must complete to satisfy the licensing requirement, and many dictate that a certain number of hours must be devoted to ethics.

Often, states will have a website devoted to providing specific information about licensing requirements. In addition to the number of hours, it may include how often you must renew, how to renew, and other important details regarding your license. Many states also offer events relevant to continuing education psychologist. This may include organizations, conferences, meetings and/or workshops that you can attend to meet fulfill your requirements.

Completing psychologists does not have to be simply meeting a requirement They can also serve as an opportunity to develop, maintain, or even increase increase competencies. This can improve client services and help psychologists to make more valuable contributions to the field.

The APA has resources and programs that you can purchase directly from them, but you also have the option of taking a class from an APA-approved provider. As mentioned above, classes can be earned in a variety of ways, including online or in-person. In-person classes, workshops and seminars afford the opportunity not only to learn from a great teacher and leading expert in the field, but also to network with classmates. Most psychologists have a workload that severely limits their opportunities for discussing relevant research topics and otherwise keeping  up with the field’s shifting landscape.

The APA keeps a catalog of timely and relevant continuing education topics that may be of interest to you, and APA-approved also cover a wide range of interesting topics. Classes are not only related to mental health issues, but encompass important topics relevant to client assessment and intervention. They should also serve to keep you current on issues related to laws, statutes and regulations.

CEUs for psychologists should be viewed not just as a requirement for licensing, but also as an important part of professional development. Use the information provided to maximize the benefit of continuing education.