There is no denial to the fact that art is not only meant for possession, it is also an authentic mode of expressing ones feelings. India has always been the home to some of world’s oldest art forms and world’s best artists. Indian art has rich repository of some of the magnificent and rare masterpieces that comprise of ancient tribal artwork and murals which represent rich heritage and cultural diversity of the nation.

It goes without saying that Indian tribal art enjoys a special place among all other art forms. It is certainly class apart, admired and appreciated alike by all. This form of art lets its viewers feel and experience the lives and lifestyle of various Indian tribes, as it depicts the day-to-day life of different tribes and folklore associated with them. The most unique thing about tribal art is that not only exuberates positivity, but it also has wide subject and themes ranging from birth to death, to love, to marriage, to nature, celebration among others. You name a theme, and Indian tribal art will have something or other related to it.

Understanding Two Mystic Forms of Indian Art

The artworks of Indian tribal art capture the history of the nation and indomitable spirit of its people. The pieces that tribal artists create refabricate the long lost magnificence of Indian tribal life. More often than not, the Indian art of remote tribal region is created using various techniques. Some of the world famous forms of tribal paintings include the likes of Madhubani Paintings, Warli Art, Patta Chitra, Kalamkari and Bondi Painting among others. These paintings not only depict the culture and practices of the tribes, but also captures the essence of bond that these tribes share with Mother Nature. They value Mother Nature the most and revere her as a deity. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that their lives are interwoven with nature and the rhythms of Earth. Tribal paintings of Indian Art capture this unique spirit that cannot be found anywhere, but in the heart of remote tribes of India. More or less, this form of artworks is like a mirror that reflects the energy of the different clans. The majority of these artworks exuberate an unparalleled sensitivity as they focus on capturing an obsessive awareness of human life which is inspired by tribal folk and has remain untouched from the urbanization of modern world.

Like tribal paintings, one more art form that forms an integral part of attractive Indian Art is Mural Painting. Inherently mural painting is different from other forms of paintings. This art has tried to instill emotions in us by giving large impressions on walls and ceilings. Often, murals are used to decorate public spaces like buildings and portray different themes. They are used to improve and enrich the interiors.

Murals are considered as an effective tool of achieving social and political goals as they have a dramatic impact on the attitudes of the passing by passengers. Many towns have begun using this mural art to attract the tourists which boosts the economic income. Murals serve as a message board. They have the power to create a positive atmosphere and to inspire people. If you are feeling low mural art can change and refresh your mood. Mural work can be done on the walls of living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and children rooms. A child’s room can be converted into a fantasy world with the help of mural art. It is best to educate playgroup children as the colors on the walls open up their mind to imagine things and build a sense of creativity.

The mural art techniques include painting, fresco, tempera, oil painting, graffiti and tiles. There are many ways of creating a mural. Different muralists prefer different mediums for making a mural or may adjust in a particular technique as required by the client. It is very easy to get the design commissioned by the muralists.

In our hectic life schedules, Mural art can act as a stress buster, refresh local commuters and charm tourists. It helps uplifting your mood adding on to the beauty of your country roadsides and infrastructure. Therefore, you can always adorn your houses and office spaces with beautiful murals and convert an average day into a soothing and happy experience.

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