Understand the Common Rule for Your Dog to Avoid Landing in Trouble

Dogs are said to be the best friend of human beings. However, at the same time, if there is a case of dog bite then it could be a disaster. There are lots of cases in which dog bites have turned fatal. It becomes extremely important for you to understand the laws related to dog bites. Yes, there are number of rules and laws available in the US that differ from state to state. You need to be aware of your local law in order to protect yourself, your family and friends.

If you are an owner of a dog then this becomes even more important to understand the law. This is because you may be sued under some law, which may not be the truth. In this article, we are going to explain you about the “one bite rule” or the common rule for the dogs. As per this rule, the owner of the dog will be responsible for the attacks of your dog only if you were aware that your dog is dangerous.

How to know that your dog is dangerous and may indulge in any attacks?

Well, if you had an incident wherein your dog tried to bite someone, from that moment you should be cautious that your dog is dangerous. In case, your dog bites someone thereafter then you will be liable for the dog bite. You also need to keep in mind that this common rule is applicable only if the state has no dog bite law.

However, there are lots of cases in which the dog owner has escaped from the liability by proving that dog bite was a provoking one and the injured person knowingly or voluntarily risked. This self created risk has resulted in the dog bite.

In many cases, the dog owner ends up arguing that he was not aware of the fact that his dog was dangerous. If the case lands in the court, then the court considers some important factors before deciding on the case.

Below mentioned are some of the important factors that court takes into consideration:

Considering all the above mentioned factors, you need to be well aware that dog bite injuries can land you in trouble. Be prepared and alert to avoid any sort of law suits.

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