Under-The-Bed Storage Solutions For Minimizing or Completely Eliminating Clutter

Under-The-Bed Storage Solutions

Using the space below your bed for storage is a great way to keep bedroom essentials nearby but also out of sight during bedtime. It’s not just about convenience; it also reduces clutter in the bedroom. And according to sleep experts, keeping the bedroom clean and clutter-free is a good way to combat sleep disorders that could be triggered by regularly sleeping in highly cluttered environments.

As explained by clinical psychologist Pamela Thacher, the more clutter there is in your bedroom, the more likely you are to develop a sleep disorder. So if you currently sleep in a cramped and chaotic space, it’s time to organize that clutter and make your bedroom more conducive for relaxation.

Closed Boxes With Wheels Are Your Best Friends

If you want an easy solution to your clutter problems, it doesn’t get as simple as closed wheeled boxes. They come in different shapes, sizes, and prices, but they all share 2 important qualities: dust protection and mobility. This type of box is a good way to store clothing, electronics, your fancy shoes, athletic gear, and anything else that needs to be protected from dust. Also, they’re really easy to find. Just go to your local home supplies retailer or order them online.

Reuse Old Suitcases as Storage Boxes

You don’t need to shop for anything new if you already have a bunch of old suitcases or luggage bags somewhere in your home. While organizing your cluttered bedroom, try to find suitcases that aren’t fit for travel anymore but are still structurally intact. Make sure these bags are thoroughly clean and dust mite free before you put them anywhere near your bed.

Alternatively, you can try finding secondhand vintage suitcases either online or at garage sales. It’s not just thrifty, it’s a good way to subtly give your bedroom a vintage vibe.

Feeling Handy? Customize Your Own Storage Solutions

If you have some experience with carpentry(or have been looking to try it), making your own under-the-bed storage solutions could make for a fantastic weekend project. With the proper tools, a plan, the right materials, and a bit of imagination, you can come up with customized storage that can provide you with your exact needs.

If you’ve gotten rid of all your bedroom clutter but still can’t sleep, you might need to look at other options for fighting sleeplessness. Decluttering your bedroom is just one of the many ways to fight sleep disorders and regularly get healthy sleep.

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