UK Re-Entry Bans and How Long they Last

Although there is currently a lot of speculation over what will happen to the UK immigration system once Brexit is underway, one thing which is certain at the moment is the system of re-entry bans for anyone who breaks immigration laws. These re-entry bans are essentially travel restrictions which prevent those who have broken the law to come back into the UK.

How long does a re-entry ban last for?

How long a person can get banned from entering the UK for really depends on what they do to earn the ban in the first place. The length of the ban ranges from one to ten years.

Entering the UK illegally, overstaying a visa, breaching conditions of leave or using deception in an application are all reasons why the UK Home Office will give someone a re-entry ban. Essentially, says one Manchester immigration advisor, how long the ban lasts for depends on how severely the person breaks UK immigration laws.

Re-entry ban limits

No ban

No ban is imposed if a person:

One year ban

A one year re-entry ban will be given to someone if they:

but, left the UK voluntarily without causing the Home Office any expense.

Two year ban

A two year re-entry ban will be imposed if a person:

and left the UK voluntarily within six months of being given a notice of removal or exhausting the appeals process, but did cause the Home Office expense.

Five year ban

A five year re-entry ban will be given to someone if they:

but, left or were removed from the UK after receiving a caution from the Home Office.

Ten year ban

A ten year re-entry ban will be imposed if a person:

It is a good idea for you to stay within the UK’s immigration laws and abide by the conditions of your leave to avoid a re-entry ban. If you are unsure of what the exact conditions are, or think you might be at risk of breaking them, it’s best to get expert immigration advice to be on the safe side and avoid the possibility of being deported and facing a ban.

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