Ubuntu for mobiles is almost ready to hit the smartphones, and after having a look at the new OS, all I can say is that it is going to be another great mobile operating system that the world will witness. Ubuntu for mobiles has been developed with utmost care and keeping our activities in mind.

Ubuntu For Mobiles- A Potential Competitor For Android & IOS

Many of you have tried Ubuntu on your desktop or laptop, and as we know that Ubuntu is extremely stable, is virus free and has a great interface. The same thing is now happening in the case of mobiles. Ubuntu for mobiles is a rock-solid platform that makes using your smartphone easy and fluidic.

Now the question arises that whether this new operating system be a potential competitor to the existing and dominating operating systems like Android and iOS. We cannot answer that without looking into what Ubuntu for mobile really has to offer to us and how it can make our smartphone more powerful and fun to use.

So, lets get started by looking at some of the great features that this new OS has for us in hold, and how it can change the way we use our mobile phones.

Fluidic User Interface

Ubuntu for mobile offers a nicely designed and fluidic interface, and you can do almost everything with just a swipe on your mobile phone’s screen. This new operating system focuses more on design to make the experience of using it an amazing one.

The interface is somewhat similar to the desktop version but much better when used on a phone. The design is simply irresistible and the user interface focuses more on content than control, as Canonical says. That means your mobile phone screen will be used by only content of apps, and there will be less space or no space for control, unless you choose to show the controls.

As said before, you can do almost everything with just a swipe at different places on your mobile phone screen. For example, if you are using one app, and then swipe left, you will be switching to another app instantly, which makes multi tasking super easy.

You can also swipe at different places to see different results. One of the great features is the favourite apps section. If you swipe towards right from the left edged of your screen, then you will be seeing a section slide out with your favourite apps so that you can switch to them easily and instantly.

To summarize the whole thing, Ubuntu brings a cleaner and better user interface with great transition effects, and better usability along with the great power of Ubuntu. I think I have talked a lot about the designs of Ubuntu for mobiles, and you will be discovering more things when you actually get this phone on your hands, so now let us move to the features section.

A whole lot of features

Along with great design, Ubuntu for mobiles brings a whole lot of features to try. In this section I will highlight some of the best features that really makes Ubuntu stand out from the rest.

  • Attractive Search: Ubuntu for mobiles has a brand new search, which is not only powerful but also very much attractive. If you are searching for something on your Ubuntu phone then this each feature will not only search for your queries item on your mobile phone but will also search the internet to present you with a relevant search result even if it is not present on your mobile phone. You might want to ask that how is it different from the Google search that we can see on Android phones. Well the only different that I have found out is the cool user interface and the way the search results are presented. The search results are presented in a great and organized way, which will help you to seek better than the Android search.
  • Beautiful Notifications: Ubuntu for mobiles features a new way to notify you of your received messages, latest tweets, Facebook notifications and other things using a beautifully designed lock screen. The lock screen is designed with utmost care by designers, to give you the best design and user experience that any mobile operating system could provide. This lock screen is dynamic, and it rotates your notifications with awesome transitions that is attractive as well as very much useful, as you will be presented with your notifications is a cleaner and better way.
  • Awesome Messaging app: Ubuntu for mobiles features a beautiful and awesome messaging app that lets you communicate with your friends and family in an easier and better way. In this messaging app, you will find all your SMS messages, Facebook messages, tweets and other messages combined into a single interface, which lets you reply to every message instantly and easily from a single place rather than having to open up different applications for this purpose.

Will it be a potential competitor in the market?

Ubuntu might be considered as a potential competitor in the market for the existing mobile operating systems like Android, iOS and even Windows mobile, as it brings a whole lot of features with the superb power and stability of Ubuntu right on your mobile phones.

The things that can make Ubuntu really stand out from the rest, is the awesome design of the user interface with the brand new features and gesture control that are embedded into the system, which might not be seen in the other operating systems that are currently dominating in the market.

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Still there lies a great drawback for Ubuntu for the while and that is the limited availability of apps, which can be seen on the other two dominating OS, Android and iOS. Most users consider the availability of apps when choosing the right platform for their smartphones, and since Ubuntu is new, it has limited number of apps compared to those of Android and iOS, but as Canonical suggests that every web app can be embedded into the system and they can function well as the native apps.

This gives a little hope for Ubuntu when it comes to apps. After seeing all these features of Ubuntu, I can collude that Ubuntu will provide a serious competition to the other two operating systems, as many users who love Ubuntu would like to switch to Ubuntu, as well as new users, due to these awesome features.

So, let us wait until Ubuntu for mobiles gets available on smartphones, and see how much it can take its share in the current mobile market, but in the meantime, I would to love to hear your comments about Ubuntu for mobiles and how much excited you are for using Ubuntu on your mobile phone.