You will be able to notice at least one scar on any football player. This is because injuries during a game of football are unavoidable. Most of them carry these scars with pride. However, sometimes these injuries can get nasty. There are instances where players have been injured for life and even lost their lives on the field due to severe blows. This is why one needs to be careful when playing football or any other game for that matter. The instructions given below will prove to be useful to those who are new to the game and are unaware of its danger pits.

Traumatic injuries Types of Common Football Injuries

While these may not usually happen in practice sessions and in school levels, you would have definitely noticed such severe injuries take place during the AFL football. Even the most trained and professional players are subjected to such traumatic injuries due to the severity of the game. The most common types of injuries that can occur in a league are knee injuries and ankle sprains. These can not only cause tremendous amount of pain but can also prevent the player from participating in the league again. Offensive and defensive linemen must also look out for shoulder injuries since they are more susceptible to be hurt in that area. Wearing guards and applying creams can only reduce the risk of getting injured but cannot eliminate the threat completely.

Heat injuries Types of Common Football Injuries

Football is sport that is played outdoors. Thus, the players are exposed to the sun during the day and therefore the subjection to heat is unavoidable. One must understand that being in the sun and playing in the sun are two completely different things. Most footballers get heat injuries while playing football since their bodies have low salt and water levels due to excessive sweating that occurs due to intense physical activity. This results in heat injuries that can cause various problems. These injuries are common mostly during August, when the temperature is at its highest. An easy way to prevent this is to wear the right clothes. You need to ensure that the material you wear is comfortable and safe. It is also important to consume water all the time to ensure that your body is hydrated and healthy during the game.

Overuse injuries

These injuries usually occur during practice sessions. Players are susceptible to get certain types of injuries due to long hours of practice. Back pain is often the common complaint that is heard from most of the players. Another common occurrence is knee pain, which is also known as Patellar Tendinitis. These usually occur due to over-practicing as well. Although it is quite severe, it can be treated through therapy known as quadriceps strengthening program. You have to ensure that the recovery program is conducted by a professional to make sure that the results are fruitful. Sometimes, players also go through overtraining syndrome. This is a condition where football players train beyond their level of capacity resulting in burn out and exhaustion. Although these injuries occur very rarely due to overtraining, they can cause severe complications to the player’s body. Regardless of the fact that they can be treated over the long-term, the physical and psychological impacts these injuries create can sometimes stay on for a long time.


These are one of the most susceptible injuries a football player can get. A player can either get knocked out by the ball, by another player or even by landing on his head. Most people believe that concussions are just traumatic head injuries.  In actuality, concussions create a greater psychological impact than physical complications. It can create shifts in mental state depending on the severity of the blow. Fortunately, not everyone who suffers a concussion will lose consciousness or feel mentally ill. Common signs of a concussion include numbness, nausea, dizziness, loss of balance, blurry vision, etc. You must never be on the field if you have the above symptoms. You must call for immediate medical help since the condition can deteriorate if not treated properly and notify trama insurance company. You must only return to the field once the clearance has been granted by the medical professional to do so.

Although these injuries are unavoidable, they can be cured. As with any other injury, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, make use of this information to avoid injuries and accidents while playing football.