Do you end up tossing every garment in the dryer? Well, you just might be making a mistake that will cost you dearly in the wrong run. So, know which garments require dry cleaning and protect them from ruin!

Dry Clean Only Garments:

If that garment says ‘dry clean only,’ you should just get it dry cleaned. Garments like that might bleed in colour, may have a different fabric and may lose their weaving or thread with regular detergents and washing machine’s cycle. So, give them to a good Beverly Hills Dry Cleaner.

Jackets and Coats:

Well, your winter wear is costly, isn’t? So why toss it into a washing machine and ruin its beauty. Give them to a dry cleaner. It won’t cost you a lot, but it will certainly save you from the hassle of buying jackets and costs over and over again.

Garments that Shrink:

That favourite little black dress of yours, those pleated skirts and those super-expensive haute-couture shirts should never be washed in a machine. Get them cleaned professional. Professional cleaning will help in ensuring that the clothes don’t shrink and look as good as well.


Have you ever cleaned a sweater in washing machine only to realize that it has actually lost its shape and beauty? Well, don’t do that! Wool loses its beauty and shape when thrown in a machine. So, ensure that you give it to professional Beverly Hills Dry Cleaners only. They will maintain the correct garment shape and fit. Plus, professionals have ample idea about the special needs that a fabric may have.

These Fabrics:

Clothing items made of rayon, silk, taffeta, velvet, silk and acetate should always be dry cleaned, unless or until the garment label says otherwise. Their special texture and fibre cannot be cleaned well in a washing machine.

Wedding Gown:

Wedding trousseau should be specifically given to a dry cleaner. Otherwise, you might end up losing your beautiful, perfect wedding dress to a washing machine and regular detergent.


A lot of people complain that washing a comforter or blanket in washing machine just wreaked a havoc! After all, the fibres in these comforters or blankets tend to soak water, which can make them incredibly heavy. So, avoid washing them at home. Instead, get them cleaned and allergy free through a dry cleaner. Apart from comforters, thick blankets, bed-spreads, bolster pillow cases, designer curtains and mattress protectors should also be given to a dry cleaner.

Men’s Clothing:

A number of men’s clothing item must be given to the best Beverly Hills Dry Cleaner. For instance, items like coats, dress and polo shirts or business suits are best given a dry cleaner. Then vests, over-coats or winter coats should also be dry cleaned.

Dry cleaning is relatively cheap if you choose a good company and forge lasting relationships. So, choose a dry-cleaner carefully and get these items dry-cleaned on regular basis.