Education is one of the fundamental rights that every child should get, and it is the responsibility of the parents to find the best resources for the education of their kids. Our school and colleges are not doing what they should be doing to teach the students that is why parents are restrained to find the alternate options which can help their child to take good grades in school. The case for the college and universities students are different. They have many other options like online educational websites or online academic writing websites from which they can even take the English assignment help if any student is completing his degree in nursing. But for the school or primary school students, they only have two options. Tutoring centers or private tutor.

When you get too many options, it always confuses you. You try to take the best option, so you don’t have to regret your decision later on. That is the same case with the parents of today are facing. They are confused between the tutoring center and private tutor. They are just experimenting with the both which is not only costing them a handsome amount of money but also the precious time of their kids.

Tutoring Center vs. Private Tutor: Which Is Best For Your Child?

When you start searching for the tutoring center and private tutors, you will find many different names and personalities and the stories of the people about them. This will make hard for you to judge which is best for you and where you should enroll your child. That is why, after a detailed conversation with the educationalist, I come to this point that the parents should analyze their child instead of the tutoring centers or private tutors and find out where their child can learn easier and better. Following are the points on which you can determine what the best choice is for your child, tutoring centers or private tutors.

Determine the Goals:

There are many reasons why the parents could hire the tutors. The most common reason is the busy schedule of the parents because of which they cannot give the proper time to their child education and need the external help for that. Or there could be a different case like the parents have the time, but the child won’t listen to them. Whatever the reason is, you have to determine that either your child needs a tutor or not. Once it is established that your child does need it, then you can take the next steps to find out either your child needs a private tutor or he will do good in tutoring centers.

Assess your child:

Every child is different even if they are siblings too. Being a parent, you should know about your kid and his personality. Try to find the pattern in his learning. Analyze is he a self-motivator or need more guidance for learning. Asses either your child need to be taught alone, or he learns more in the group.

Moreover, you should take into consideration if your kid is going through a parental resistance. If you think that your kid can perform better if he stays away from all your home matters then a tutoring center is a better choice. Getting enrolled in a tutoring center will provide your child with an entirely different environment which is ideal for the learning. Your kid will always remain among other students, and they can share and collaborate on different topics in which your kid need help.

Which teaching style suits your kid?

The teaching style of private tutors and the teachers of tutoring centers are different. The tutoring center is more like a school in which a single teacher and his assistance control dozens of teachers at a time. If your child is stubborn and takes a time to like anyone then hiring any private tutor for him would not be a good idea. He will put up walls against the tutor and will not listen to him. Conversely, this type of kid would survive better in the tutoring center because he will get a school like an environment in which teachers doesn’t need to treat every kid personally.

Finding the best option:

Once you have determined which style of tuition your child needs, then start searching for it. The best way to find a tutor or tutoring center is to get the word of mouth of the people. Ask around in your social circle. Take advice from your neighbors or friends who also have a tutor or their children are in any tutoring center.

Ask questions:

Once you have found the tutor or tutoring center, now it is time to analyze them. Before getting your kid enrolled, conduct a face to face interview with the tutor or the head of the tutoring center. Try to get as much information as possible because it is going to help you in taking the decision. You are responsible for your child’s fate, so you have to be his advocate so keep asking the questions till you not get 100% satisfied.

To help you in this, following are the few questions that you can ask from the tutor or tutoring centers.

  1. How will you assess my child’s ability?
  2. How can I be sure about the attention he needs from you?
  3. Will you plan the lesson for my child or you will just go with the homework which he will get from the school?
  4. How will you analyze my child’s performance?
  5. Do you allow the parents to join the tutoring session between you and the child?

An advice from the writer:

Being an educationist and a parent of two kids, I would like to suggest you a thing which is important for your child. Whatever you do for your child education, keep your kid involved in it. you have to keep him with you from the beginning so when you get him a tutor or enroll him in any tutoring center, he won’t be surprised and also can make up his or her mind to take lessons from the tutor or from the tutoring center.

Author Bio:

Davis is a Master in Educational Sciences and he is a well-known speaker on the child education. He is also famous due to his services in the education and also own an online academic website which gives assignment help to the students in need.