It is high time women are treated as someone equal to men. With the rise of sky scrapers and buildings turned into offices, women have geared up their office attires and seem to fill the void created by the inequality and judgment at the hands of injustice prevailing in the society. They are not only keeping themselves fit, fitter than most men, determined to wipe the stigma of them being weak. Observing the 21st century, women have proved to be a lot smarter and efficient than most men. Discrimination on the basis of cast, creed, colour, race or sex has been condemned and women have been given equal rights in almost every field. They are more independent, confident and know their way out of trouble, even taking up martial arts or boxing classes in the evening to stay in the game.

TurnerMAX Discloses Secrets About Fitness For Women Entering Into New Year 2017

Building Muscles Is Directly Proportional To Strength Training:

There are certain things women should be aware of before getting involved in any kind of fitness training. It is a myth that the women will get fat if they lift heavier weights. This is absolutely false as the only way of gaining weight is consuming extra calories and not burning them. It is encouraged to lift heavier weights in order to build muscles that are dense and tight. Also the intake of supplements could promote weight gain. Most of the trainers are under the impression that the more you get used to lifting lighter weights, the more that will help you to stay in shape which is totally wrong. TurnerMAX brings out the most recent and advanced technology for your weight training needs in the form of adjustable dumbbells or selectable dumbbells. There is a bunch of options of weights that you can lift in one single dumbbell thus occupying less area making it extremely handy. As the streak of discounts is going on, it is very important that you avail this golden opportunity to get rewarded by a set of pristine dumbbells either from eBay or Amazon.

Women Beware!:

While working out, two important things to notice are not to focus on side bends and sit ups because they have negative effects on a woman’s body.

  • Side bends will not reduce the extra flab; it will only toughen your side muscles leading towards you getting bigger around the waist region provided your diet remains unchanged.
  • Similarly sit ups will also not assist you in getting slim, they can cause harm to your lower back which is why Turner Sports UK recommends you staying away from this specific workout.

If you want to lose fat quickly, eat better as your diet is responsible for losing the fat faster. You need to strength train with big compound movements which involve lots of muscle, in return toning lots of muscle thus requiring proper food.

Factual Statement Regarding Your Cardio:

Another eye opener for the women cutting down on their weight is not spending hours on the treadmill or elliptical. You can even reduce weight by not stepping on to the gym floor at all and you can say bye to your cardio. If you become happy riding the treadmill it’s totally fine but if your goal is to lose weight, there are much better ways to achieve that. Strength training, when you do that, you are breaking those previous muscles and replacing them with the new toned muscles all happening in the next 24-48 hours. When those muscles are being rebuilt, more calories and energy is needed to get the job done thus quickening your metabolism even while you’re relaxing on the couch.

Couple Of Eminent Exercises Involved In Strength Training:

Let me tell you another alarming fact. You don’t need to strength train if you just want to lose your overall weight, it can be achieved by fixing your diet only and 80-90% job is almost done. If your New Year resolutions include more than losing weight and looking good or staying healthy, I would recommend you performing the following strength training exercises regularly:

  • Pick up heavy weights
  • Swinging kettlebells
  • Yoga makes sure body is in pristine shape
  • Getting involved in bodyweight exercises
  • Carrying your little ones on a hike
  • Doing any activity that uses your muscles in an energetic way

TurnerMAX Discloses Secrets About Fitness For Women Entering Into New Year 2017

Cure For Many Illnesses:

Strength training is a solution to problems like cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and overall inactivity – all of these leading towards a bad heart. Cardiologists have revealed the fact that strength training is necessary for patients who have suffered a heart attack and they could get on with it after 3 weeks of the attack. Turner Sports UK wishes a happy new year to its clients all over the world and continues to promote awareness for a healthy life style for both men and women. It will keep on judging laziness and working towards a possibility of toned up muscular teens growing up into responsible adults.