Following an accident, there are several ways to get advice. You could make an appointment with a lawyer; you could call Citizens Advice; or, like many people do, you could call a claims helpline to get better informed about your legal rights following a personal injury.

Accident advice helplines are a fantastic way to get advice following an accident. If you have been injured in an accident and you are thinking about making a claim, calling a helpline will empower you with the information you need to take your claim forward.

What will an Accident helpline help me with?

By calling an accident helpline, you could find out the following:

  • If you are eligible for compensation;
  • How strong your claim is;
  • Who your claim will probably be against;
  • What challenges your claim may face;
  • What your legal rights are as an employee;
  • What your legal rights are following an accident in a public place;
  • And much more.

This is the information you need to make an informed decision regarding whether or not to make a personal injury claim. You can use the information a claims helpline provides you with freely, too, so if you decide not to make a claim then that is absolutely fine. Remember – it is your personal right to make a claim or not and the decision is completely up to you.

Law Firms Operating Helplines

Accident helplines that are operated by law firms are among the highest quality available, because they have claims advisors at the other end of the line, and because they can take an enquiry further by putting you in contact with an in-house solicitor. If you are serious about making a claim then, or if you simply want to get properly informed about your rights, calling an accident advice helpline is one of the best ways to empower yourself.

An Example of a Reputable Claims Helpline

Accident Advice Helpline (start here) operate a free, no obligation claims helpline staffed by experienced claims advisors. Accident Advice Helpline are a law firm with their own in-house lawyers, so they are in an ideal position to help you following a personal injury.

How to find Tried, Tested and Trusted Helplines

Google is your best friend when trying to find tried, tested and trusted helplines. In fact, any search engine is. Simply search for “accident advice helplines” and you will be presented with a cohesive list of results. You can then check if these helplines are operated by law firms by looking at each website’s disclaimer at the bottom of the homepage. Look out for any websites that say ‘claims management’ because you should avoid these helplines – they pass your details on to the highest bidder, so they are really not recommended.