Tricks That Will Increase Height All Naturally

Spending regular hours in the biology class must have told you that a teenager’s height is dependent on both their genes and the outside environment. Most doctors have an opinion that the growth of height comes to a halt in early twenties and most growth tales place in the adolescent years. Yet many studies prove that it is possible to get an increase in height by following some normal and natural tricks. These are:

Sleep for an Enough Amount:

It is very important for the teenagers to at least sleep for a period of 8 to 10 hours. Most growth occurs overnight when a teenager is taking a sound and healthy sleep but with the technology based 24/7 culture becoming popular the growth in teenagers is disrupted.

Adopt Athletic Hobbies:

Most teenagers spend their days playing some or the other sport like football, swimming, badminton etc. But many teenagers are also quite busy playing on computer or mobile screens. This hinders the growth of height because of the lack of exercise and stretching during teenage years.

Other Physical Measures:

Apart from the regular sport activities there are also many other ways of increasing height. Stretching exercises, yoga, hanging from bars and of course breathing exercise has been age old methods of increasing height. They elongate the bones and strengthen muscles.

A Healthy Intake:

Leading a healthy lifestyle with a good diet can improve height. A diet full of right nutrients and vitamins gives a boost to growth. For teenagers it is advised to have a balanced diet which includes proteins, healthy fats, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins. The body needs a good quantity of vegetables, fruits, pulses, fish, eggs, meat and some healthy fat oils.

Avoid Caffeine and Smoking:

There are many things which halt the growth in body. Coffee having a good quantity of caffeine can actually lower the quantity of growth hormone in body. It is thus recommended for teenagers and children to lower the intake of coffee and tea to minimum. Smoking is having a similar effect on the body. Not only does it cause respiratory problems it can also halt the growth of the body. Mostly the teenagers who smoke are shorter in height.

Miracles do not happen:

The market is flooded with pills and capsules that claim to increase height. These can be steroid based that are sometimes injected in the body. These are very harmful for the body and should not be consumed. These are fraud items and even if they do not cause any harm, they can actually make the money spent on them go waste.

Thus we see that in order to get an increase in height a person should try to lead a good lifestyle. It is a lifestyle in which a person consumes healthy food and gets enough sleep. Teenagers being in the growing age require food and sleep in a healthy quantity so that they get an increase in height.

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