There are many methods of contraception on the market. Some come in the forms of pills that are to be swallowed whereas some others come in the form of IUDs. These are devices that can be implanted into the body and ensures long term protection from pregnancy. Thus it saves a lot of trouble as it is a onetime affair that would last for years. Mirena is a form of IUD contraception method that has gained a lot of popularity over the years but it comes with warning of side effects.

What is Mirena Detox Program?

Mirena Detox ( is a program that aims at the reversing the withdrawal effects of Mirena. Even though it promises higher levels protection, the side effects that are associated with it are many. These side effects also vary from person to person. But amongst the many and varied Mirena removal side effects, the ones that are the most common are excessive weight loss, severe PMS symptoms, acne, bloating depression etc. These side effects occur once the device has been taken off. These are the withdrawal symptoms that happen as a result of removing the device from the uterus that cause gross hormonal imbalance.

Treating The Mirena Removal Side Effects

What Exactly Happens After Removal of Mirena?

On removing Mirena the levels of progesterone hormone falls and the estrogen hormone goes up. Progesterone is a female hormone that is responsible for the regulation of menstruation and ovulation processes in a female body. On implanting Mirena the production of this particular hormone stops completely. But since Mirena itself releases progesterone into the uterus the imbalance doesn’t go out of control as long it is implanted in the uterus. But the moment it is removed the body no longer gets progesterone as it has stopped producing the hormone naturally as well which in turn results in the imbalance. Therefore, in order to get back to normalcy the imbalance should be done away with. You can get some idea about all these by looking at this video too:

There are a number of ways that can be adopted to reverse the hormonal disorder so that the woman can get back to a normal, complication free lifestyle. Mirena Detox program provides for an in depth discussion on the subject and offers solutions to the problems. The imbalance can be reversed by adopting a few diet strategies. There are certain types of nutrients which help increase the level of progesterone hormones in the body and there by restoring hormonal balance. Progesterone can also be applied topically in the form of a cream on skin. There are also many other measures that can be taken to get rid of the side effects.