Who is your only companion when you are very happy? Or when you are very sad? Or want to stay all by yourself and shut out the whole world? Or when you are driving? Music is the answer. No matter what your mood type is, the only faithful thing by your side is music. Of course, it keeps changing with the change in mood. Happiness could mean listening to some fast loud numbers, while feeling loved would mean some slow romantic numbers; sadness would be accompanied by songs of remorse, so on and so forth.

Treat Yourself With Music

Even religious meditations and understanding or being lost in feeling the presence of the omnipotent, is easily stimulated with the help of music. There is no occasion that does not have any music for it. Music is like the food for the soul. The inclination towards music is present in every human being; the only difference is the intensity in which it is present. Some love to listen to music and things associated with it, while some love to play certain instruments to satiate their appetite for music. There are still others, who love to create music so that everyone can enjoy it.

Brad Sterling is an individual who loves the musical theatre, he intends to become a music engineer or editor someday, and make music for his personal stage musical. He is capable of playing several types of musical instruments and hence has the idea of how and what kind of music can be a crowd catcher. He dotes on the works of Avicii, Calvin Harris and Diplo, whom he considers to be genius contributors to the world of music.

So, has it ever occurred to you why is it that there is music everywhere? Or why it is a thing loved by all? The researchers of music therapy have found out the answer. They have come up with the startling revelation that music has a close effect on the brain waves of an individual, which is why it profoundly affects both the physiology and the psyche of an individual.

This has become a form of treatment for many of the physical and mental illnesses present today. In fact, this is one of those remedies that come without any kind of side effect and is thus, a much safer method of treatment. Trainings are given on music therapy and many care centres and hospitals are even allowing specialists of this therapy to carry out their sessions in the treatment of their patients.

Controlling pain, Alzheimer’s disease, Chronic Depression, Dementia are some of the illnesses that can be successfully treated with the music therapy. The cognitive ability of an individual can also be strengthened through this process of treatment.

It is quite evident thus, that music, be it in the form of a musical theatre as liked by Brad Sterling  or in the form a treatment, is an absolutely selfless abstract form that has, is and will always be only giving to the human race and never expect anything in return.