There’s nothing better than escaping your hectic daily life and jetting away to a beautiful destination for a week or two in the sunshine. You need to pack everything you could possible need and tick every box on the checklist before you’re ready to see some sun. The only drawback to a luxurious holiday is the dreaded flight, particularly if it’s a long haul flight. Unless you’re sat in the scientifically proven best airline seat (it’s 6A), you’ve got to make to do with the regular seat you’ve been assigned – and hope it’s one with a window view.


If you’re headed abroad but are not looking forward to the long haul flight, then here are some travel essentials to help to make the journey as enjoyable as possible:


Keep Yourself Entertained

One of the worst parts of a long-haul flight is keeping yourself entertained as you try to while away the hours. Though you’ve got movie options in front of you, there’s only so many you can watch before you’re bored of those too. So, you’ll need to come prepared.

Many people find a good book can take up a few hours of their time, providing it’s a decent novel size. If you’re trying to save room in your hand luggage or aren’t keen on reading books, then why not download a news and magazine app to your phone? You can pre-download the content you’re interested in to read in flight-mode on the plane. You can also download some games to your smartphone or iPad, pick a variety that have a bit of depth to them, so you don’t get bored quickly.

If you’re travelling with someone else, then why not bring a deck of cards? The game possibilities are endless if you have some cards with you. If you don’t fancy traditional cards, then there are plenty of mini-travel games that should keep you busy. Shop around and find your favourite.


Home Comforts

Make your trip as pleasant and relaxing as possible by bringing some home comforts. There’s no better way to waste some flight time than by having a nap! However, napping on planes can be uncomfortable. To give your neck some support, bring a travelling pillow. This will come in particularly handy if you’re in a middle or aisle seat. In addition, it can sometimes be a little chilly on the plane, so pack a handy roll-up travel blanket for ultimate cosiness. Don’t forget earplugs to block out the background noise!

It’s also a good idea to bring antibacterial wipes or gel, a water bottle, eye mask and flight socks. These little items can make all the difference when it comes to your flight experience.


Emergency Snacks

When you’re on a long-haul flight you get fed at rather unusual times. With the varying time zones combined with the fact it feels like a time warp, you could find you’re having a croissant for dinner and a cottage pie for breakfast. In-between these delicious meals, it’s worth bringing some snacks in case you get hungry. Pack snacks that are going to keep you full, such as: fruit, nuts, sweets and cereal bars.

Get Packing

Now you’re fully equipped with everything you need to have an enjoyable and comfortable long-haul flight. Remember to bring the absolute essentials by writing a quick carry-on checklist, making sure you’ve packed everything you need. There’s nothing worse than being mid-air and realising you’ve forgotten your emergency snacks.